Vaginal Odors and Discharges

Vaginal Odors and Discharges

Vaginal problems are epidemic today amongst American women. Vaginal cancer, vaginal atrophy, vaginal bleeding, vaginal odors and mucosal discharges, vaginal yeast infection, vaginal worms and parasites, vaginitis, vaginal warts, and sexually-transmitted diseases are just a few of the health issues pertaining to the vagina.

The culprits include, but are not limited to:

  • The poor American diet, which focuses on excessive meat and dairy intake, refined grains, acidic beverages, etc.
  • Birth control pills and other forms of contraceptive, condoms
  • Female hygiene and sanitary products (pads and napkins)
  • Douching and
  • Tight clothing

Vaginal Discharges

There is a natural and healthy female discharge as contrasted with an unhealthy discharge. A vaginal discharge that is clear or pearly-white without a fetid odor occurs naturally. This discharge serves as sign of fertility and is a good or healthy sign. This discharge is secreted when a woman is fertile and ready to engage in mating.

A yellowish-greenish discharge accompanied by a fetid odor is unnatural and abnormal. It is a sign that the vagina is unhealthy. Many female sufferers of a sexually-transmitted disease will secrete this kind of discharge with a serious and debilitating inflammation or burning sensation.


The diet plays the most important role in female vaginal health. But since most women are in the work force today and don’t have time to prepare their own balanced meals, they are dependent on the junk food industry to feed them.

Processed foods are laced with synthetic estrogen hormone (which is why young girls today are fully developed with full breasts, hips, thighs, and buttocks); chemical artificial food coloring and additives; taste enhancers (that work on the hypothalamus gland in the brain which regulates hunger); and cancer-causing sodium nitrates and nitrites.

The biggest vaginal enemy are dairy products and grains. The problem with grains is that women eat too much of the gluten-rich grains. Gluten in bread and grain products (donuts, bagels, cakes, etc.) converts into glue inside the body. Vegetable-based pasta is a much better choice than grain-based pasta.

Eating meat, dairy, refined grains, starches, sugar products, pastries; drinking wine, beer, coffee, hot cocoa, soda pop, milk, etc. causes the body to become acidic which is the perfect catalyst for production of mucus, the bad, thick and yellowish-greenish mucus or phlegm.


Douching upsets the natural vaginal pH balance and ecology. Douching is not the solution, but instead, changing the diet-a difficult task for most Americans.

The vagina is naturally slightly acidic (4 to 4.5pH). This is a healthy acid level. However, most American female’s vagina has a vaginal pH between (5.1 to 6.0), which is too acidic; that’s why infertility is high today. The vagina is so acidic in many women, the little amount of alkalinity around the sperm cannot survive the acidic environment of the vagina.

However, douching can serve a provisional purpose, especially in cases of yeast and STD infection. However, only herbs and water should be used. The best herbs are the astringent herbs and the herbs that have an affinity for the female vagina. These herbs that have an affinity for the vaginal lining have a lining on their leaves just like the lining of the female vagina. These herbs include:

  • lemon verbena
  • red raspberry leaf
  • squawvine
  • marshmallow
  • mullein.
  • Astringent herbs include witch hazel bark, white oak bark, calendula, and ashoka. A woman can douche with these herbs to help heal a vaginal condition.

Now in cases of yeast infection, a woman can douche with the herbs:

In cases of STD infection (genital herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.), use herbs like:

  • tronodora
  • usnea
  • guaiac
  • buchu
  • olive leaf
  • neem
  • gokshura
  • mullein

Because yeast infection and parasitic and worm infection are also due to lack of oxygen (in addition to acidity), adding 2 ounces of 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide or oxygen drops to the douche water or solution will serve most beneficial. The best water for douching purposes is oxygenated and alkaline water. Alkaline water will help bring up and balance the pH.

Female hygiene and sanitary products

Sanitary products cut off the necessary oxygen to the vagina. These products are also manufactured with a dangerous chemical, organochlorine, commonly called dioxin. Now it is used to bleach sanitary pads and napkins.

These ingredients leech into the vagina and reproductive system of the female and mimic estrogen and latch on to estrogen receptor sites where they develop and proliferate and eventually become tumors, benign as well as malignant (cancerous).

The wise choice for a woman to make is to purchase and start using environment-friendly and safe sanitary products bleached with oxygen and made from natural fibers such as cotton (brands such as NatraCare, Glad Rags, etc.).

And what about female or feminine deodorant spray? Spraying a chemical deodorant on the vagina is only masking the problem. Additionally, it is unwise for women to sprinkle vaginal powders on their vaginas. Many of these powders are made with talc, a poisonous substance that eventually makes it way inside the vagina.


One of the biggest vaginal enemies of all is tight pants. Tight pants, like tight denim jeans, greatly cut off circulation and deprive the vagina of oxygen, not to mention that since leather is made from cow hide, its energy doesn’t complement or compliment the human energy or aura.

And let’s not forget about tight underwear. So women, let your panties be made from natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, raffia, or linen. Natural fibers radiate a natural aura and energy that is conducive to your natural aura and energy unlike synthetic material (polyester, rayon, etc.). In addition, they allow oxygen into the body.

Sex toys

While it is true that the vagina has an affinity for vibration, the synthetic vibration of a vibrator does not naturally harmonize to the energy of the vagina. A vibrator is not natural. Worse, it’s made of plastic, just like a dildo, which leaches inside the vagina since that is where it is placed.


Women, take charge of the health of your vaginas. Your vaginas are invaded these days with all types of gadgets and substances: condoms, intrauterine devices, lubricants, douche speculums and chemical solutions, pap smear sticks, at-home pregnancy tests, etc.

So start eating healthier. Start thinking positive and embrace your feminine nature. Take female-specific hormone-rich herbs (dong quai, red raspberry, red clover, maca maca, squawvine, black cohosh, lady’s mantle, shepherd’s purse, sarsaparilla, licorice, false unicorn, damiana, and blessed thistle).

Let your vagina breathe. Start balancing and re-aligning your chakras, especially the seventh or root chakra (located at the vagina). Use a clear quartz crystal and/or a jade stone, simply placing it/them two inches over the vagina area (moving up and down) for a few minutes daily.



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