Get Rid Of Dark Circles Naturally With These Tips

Get Rid Of Dark Circles Naturally With These Tips

This week in March is National Sleep Awareness Week. People of all ages and genders can experience sleep problems or disorders. In fact, 50-70 million Americans have trouble sleeping. Since sleep is one of the most important elements for the body to naturally heal itself, it is important to get your eight hours every night.

When you feel rested, life seems to be so much easier. This is because sleep is one of the most important aspects to living a healthy life. When you are not rested, you can experience unhealthy cravings, stress, aches and pain, or dark circles under your eyes. Lack of sleep may not be the direct cause of dark circles, but it sure can make you look more like the walking dead.

If you know the cause of your dark circles, it can make it easier to determine the best way to remedy the situation naturally. For example, if they are caused by allergies then perhaps you need to fight allergies naturally instead of with medications. If sleep is the cause, try reducing the amount of caffeine you drink to get rest at night. Or perhaps you should put away your phone before bed.

Since dark circles under your eyes aren’t usually a medical problem, you can use natural ingredients to effectively get rid of them. We have compiled a list of powerful healers that can reduce puffiness, skin discoloration, and dark spots around the eyes. Choose one or a couple of the following methods and apply them on your eyes for at least 15 minutes every day for best results.

  • Ice cubes in a soft washcloth
  • Cotton balls dipped in rosewater
  • Chilled chamomile teabags
  • Cucumber slices
  • Pastes containing ingredients like tomatoes, lemon juice, nutmeg, almond oil, and lime juice

If these don’t work, you may want to consider making some bigger lifestyle changes. A healthier diet will help you ward off illness and keep your body functioning at a higher level. The body has to work harder if it is trying to process things like meat, processed foods, dairy products, added sugars, or junk foods. Try eating a plant-based diet, which consists of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts & seeds, legumes, and whole grains to get rid of dark circles and improve your overall health.

Reducing your salt intake can improve your skin health and it can help lower blood pressure too! If you eat a lot of salt, your body can retain water in certain places, which can contribute to the dark circles.

If the above suggestions and remedies don’t work, you may want to consult a health care professional to see if the dark circles are related to a skin condition. We hope this isn’t the case and that you can use these remedies to help your situation.



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