Great At-Home Workouts Based On Your Personality Type

Great At-Home Workouts Based On Your Personality Type

It’s a very common occurrence to find yourself in a workout class or plan that just isn’t a good fit. Maybe dance cardio started out as an interest, but it proved your lack of rhythm after a couple classes. Yoga seemed like a good idea, but you require something more fast-paced. The reality is that finding a workout that suits your personality can be a challenge, but it isn’t impossible. 

You don’t always have to remain in your comfort zone. In fact, a lot of good comes from stepping outside your comfort zone, but you want to feel like your best and most confident self. To help you feel your best while working out, health experts recommend choosing workouts that best suit your personality. Some people gel more with Zumba, while others prefer high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Consider the following at-home workouts based on your personality and let us know if they work for you in the comments below. 

HIIT Workouts For Busy Bees

Pressed for time? There’s no better workout routine than a HIIT workout. Not only are HIIT workouts efficient, but they also get you sweating in no time. High-intensity training can help boost your cardiovascular and muscular strength simultaneously. You tend to do a series of exercises back-to-back without much rest. That means an efficient workout may only take 20 minutes out of your day!

Stretch Classes For Architects 

Yes, we are referring to people who design buildings. Architects are intentional in how they visualize space, so this personality type tends to be intentional with their time and effort. If you plan your day around the sunrise and sunset and recognize that everything has a purpose, then a solid stretching class is highly beneficial for you. While stretching helps to improve flexibility, it is also a highly restorative form of exercise that exhibits several mind-body benefits. 

Strength Classes For Go-Getters

Are you the type of person who doesn’t take no for an answer? If that describes you, then strength classes are right up your alley. Strength training requires a little grit in order to make it through all the reps and sets. A weighted strength training class is no easy feat, especially if there isn’t a lot of time between each exercise. That’s why people who engage in strength training tend to be resilient, calculated, and understand that time will reveal the results you seek. If this describes you, then invest in some dumbbells or resistance bands so you can build on your success as you progress through the workouts.

Flow Classes Are For Peacemakers

What is a peacemaker, exactly? This type of person tends to be empathic and in tune with the energy that surrounds them. This person, quite literally, keeps the peace between friends and family. In order to invite peace into your own life, exercise enthusiasts recommend simple yoga flows that require you to follow your breath. This helps replenish your own energy, especially if you are a drama referee in life. There are many restorative yoga poses and flows that you can do almost anywhere. 

Hiking For People With High Levels Of Openness

We know that hiking isn’t an at-home workout, but it’s often good to get out of the house. Hiking is great for people who seek out adventure and embrace new challenges. Because hiking is ever-changing, each trail is always uncharted territory. This is why hiking is an excellent way to burn calories and increase strength for open personality types. A 2019 study found that people who hiked for two hours a week reported an increase in mental and physical health. Even if you take short walks around your neighborhood, you can help improve blood sugar and blood pressure. 

Home Calisthenics For The Logician

Logicians are proud of their creativity and individuality, wondering a great deal and pushing boundaries. One of the great things about being open-minded and enthusiastic is that you enjoy trying new things. That doesn’t mean you are big into showing off, which makes home calisthenics an excellent training regimen. These exercises enable you to experiment with bodyweight movements, so you can develop strength without doing so in the public eye of the gym. Switch up the movements constantly to target all of your major muscle groups.



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