2 Coffee Face Scrubs To Help Exfoliate The Skin

2 Coffee Face Scrubs To Help Exfoliate The Skin

Most people have a go-to skin care routine, which includes some type of cleanser, moisturizer, and maybe even a mask. Have you ever thought about adding a face scrub to your routine? Face scrubs may be some of the best ways to boost the health of your skin. Keep reading if you want to learn about how to make your own face scrubs, and what they can do for your skin.

The Benefits Of Face Scrubs

The skin is constantly exposed to environmental pollutants, in addition to oils, dirt, and the accumulation of dead skin cells. The buildup of all of these toxins can cause the skin to appear flaky, dry, old, and even run-down. Don’t you want your skin to look clean and refreshed all the time? Enter face scrubs, which help to exfoliate the skin and penetrate pores to clean them out. Unlike some commercial cleansers, face scrubs leave the face feeling hydrated and moisturized.

Why Is Exfoliation Necessary?

As we previously mentioned, old skin cells and grime accumulate on the skin. Exfoliation is the process of removing those dead skin cells to allow for the growth of newer, healthier skin cells. While exfoliation is necessary, you must remember over-exfoliating must be avoided. Exfoliating too frequently can cause inflammation, irritated skin, or dry skin.

Coffee For The Skin

The reason that both of the face scrubs in this article contain coffee grounds is because they are excellent for exfoliating. The grounds do not dissolve in water, making them excellent for scrubbing away dead skin cells. According to a 2013 study, the caffeic acid (an antioxidant) in coffee helps to boost collagen levels and reduce the amount of premature aging cells. The antimicrobial properties of caffeic acid also protect the skin from bacteria.

Detoxifying Coffee Face Scrub


  • ½ cup virgin unrefined coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds
  • 5 teaspoons activated charcoal


  • Combine all of the ingredients into a glass jar and mix well.
  • Screw on the lid of the jar and store in a cool dry place.
  • Use this scrub to exfoliate about two or three times per week at the most.

Coffee Sugar Face Scrub


  • 5 tablespoons virgin unrefined coconut oil
  • 5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • ½ Kosher salt
  • 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds
  • 1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger
  • 2-4 tablespoons citrus zest (use lemons, oranges, limes, or grapefruit)


  • Warm the coconut oil in a small saucepan over low heat. Once it is melted, pour the coconut oil into a bowl and add the remaining ingredients. Mix well.
  • Divide this scrub between four 4-ounce jars or containers with lids and store in a cool dry place.
  • When ready to use, scrub about one teaspoon onto your face in a circular motion for 60 seconds. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

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