4 Interesting Body Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

4 Interesting Body Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

The body is a strange thing. All the odors, fluids, and other interesting things can be…intrusive to your social life, let’s say. You may also have to work hard to keep these things under control. Well, lucky for you, we’ve got some pretty cool body hacks that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Hack #1: Ms./Mr. Potato Head

Yes, you are going to be Ms./Mr. Potato Head for this body hack. When your eyes are tired, sore, or swollen, a regular Russet potato is your friend. The juices from a raw potato can do wonders. Cut a couple thin slices of potato, refrigerate them for a few minutes, and then place them over your eyes for 10 minutes.

Hack #2: Smelly Feet Fix

There’s nothing worse than a pair of smelly feet. Here’s a scenario: Your significant other says, “Rub my feet.” Your mind tells you no, and your body, well, your body is also telling you no. Place your feet in a tea soak. Brew a cup of black tea, add an additional few cups of water, and soak your feet in there for 30 minutes to get rid of that stinky odor.

Hack #3: Bad Breath Be Gone

Nobody likes to get a whiff of bad breath. It’s unattractive and unpleasant. The best way to get rid of stinky breath is: Chew on celery. Chomp, chomp, and keep on chomping. Any crunchy foods like carrots or apples are great. They help wash away those impurities that live in your mouth.

Hack #4: Zap those Zits

Nobody likes waking up with red blemishes on their face. Take some eye drops, dip a q-tip in there, and gently pat your blemishes. This will decrease redness and any swelling. If you don’t want to use eye drops, a bentonite clay mask is a great option.