An Easy Pain Relief Method You Can Use By Pinching Your Ear

An Easy Pain Relief Method You Can Use By Pinching Your Ear

It’s not necessary to run to the doctor every time you have an ache or pain in the body. Doctors may not help your symptoms, or they may just prescribe you some kind of medication that’ll put your mind at ease. This doesn’t have to happen. You can naturally heal your body with herbal remedies or via alternative practices.

Reflexology is a great way to naturally relieve aches, pain, and discomfort in the body. There are points all over the body that, after pressure is applied, can provide relief. Sitting in your chair at the office, standing on your feet for long hours, or doing manual labor can take a toll on the body. You may not be able to stretch at your job, but you there is something you can do when you get home.

There are 6 points, which are connected to pain and soreness in different parts of the body, on the ear. Applying pressure to each spot can provide relief. All you need is a clothespin to pinch the specific spots. Below is a little description of the location and what it does for the body.


#1: Back & Shoulders


The top of the ear is linked to your back and shoulders. If you clip a clothespin on the top of your ear for at least 1 minute a few times a day, you can help relieve soreness and tension.

#2: Organs


Having healthy organs helps your body function optimally. This spot is just below the top of the ear and is connected to your organs. If you have severe internal pain, you may need to see a medical practitioner, but clipping the clothespin to that point on the ear can relieve minor discomfort or tenderness.

#3: Joints


This point, which is located on the upper-middle part of the ear, can help relieve minor joint pain. Clip the clothespin on this point a couple times a day to help. Chronic problems like arthritis may need more attention and rehabilitation.

#4: Sinuses & Throat


Sinus or throat pain is no fun, but you don’t want to be downing medication all the time. Clipping a clothespin to the lower-middle part of the ear can help relieve sinus pressure or throat soreness when you have a cold. You can also use your thumb to apply pressure between your eyebrows to relieve sinus pressure.

#5: Digestion


Applying pressure to the spot just above the earlobe can help with digestive discomfort or stomach problems. If you have digestion issues, you can apply pressure for a minute before eating as a preventative action.

#6: Head & Heart


The earlobe is connected to the head and the heart. If you have a headache or want to promote heart health, clip a clothespin to the lobe and let reflexology happen. This helps greatly for headache relief.

This treatment is so easy to do and has amazing benefits. Try it out and let us know how it worked for you.



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