DIY Aromatherapy To Calm Anxiety & Improve Sleep

DIY Aromatherapy To Calm Anxiety & Improve Sleep

The nose knows what the nose knows. Embracing aromatherapy can be an beneficial way to become a more sympathetic, loving, and connected person. You can incorporate it into your everyday life, or you can use it to naturally overcome a cold, calm anxiety, or sleep more soundly. What you don’t have to do is seek out an aromatherapy specialist. It’s very simple to create your own aromatherapy blends with essential oils. Use the oil blends in this article or make your own blends using essential oils that you prefer.

When engaging in aromatherapy, there are a few ways that you can go about doing it. You can place your oil mixture in a diffuser and inhale the aroma as it fills the room, or you can massage the oil mixture onto your pulse points (when you do this, be sure to add a base oil like coconut oil, so that the oils don’t harm your skin). Another option is to put a few drops of your oil mixture in a cotton ball and put it in your pillowcase at night when you go to sleep. We almost forgot one more way to incorporate aromatherapy into your daily schedule. Mix the oils with a little water an spritz your clothes or hair. Just remember to use scents that you like. If a scent doesn’t agree with you, find one that is more compatible.

For Anxiety, Stress, or Depression

Most people know that chamomile is a great herb that has a natural calming effect on the body. While it is commonly consumed in tea form, using chamomile essential oil is beneficial for soothing an anxious or stressed out mind. Other essential oils that promote relaxation include sandalwood, lavender, and valerian. If you are experiencing negative thoughts and want to help balance your mind, try using bergamot, jasmine, or orange essential oils.

For Relaxation and Better Sleep

When you want to promote relaxation or better sleep, it is best to use the natural properties of multiple sources. Oil blends work to help you feel more relaxed and get full nights of sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, it is best to use a blend of rosewood, Frankincense, and ylang ylang essential oils. Rosewood helps to promote relaxation and has potent antiviral properties; Frankincense helps to naturally stabilize your mood, while working to naturally de-stress the body; and ylang ylang helps to restore the balance of your internal energy.

For Anger Reduction

We are going to use ylang ylang essential oil again because of its energy balancing properties. We advise that you use jasmine, mandarin, bergamot, and coriander oils to help you get rid of any hostility, tension, or conflict in your life. If you feel there is negative energy in a certain space, try making a blend of those oils and putting them in a diffuser to detox the room. You can also add Frankincense to a bath to relieve stress.

For Concentration and Focus

When trying to concentrate, it is important to balance and center your mind. It is also important to delicately balance the oil mixture because each one adds a unique benefit. You don’t to have too much of one. Help to elevate your mood with Frankincense oil and promote circulation with helichrysum oil. Sandalwood is a natural antidepressant, while lavender helps to completely relieve the body of tension. Add cedarwood and blue cypress oil, which helps to stimulate the mind, and you have yourself an amazing oil blend for focus and concentration. You can put a diffuser at your desk or workspace for the best benefits.



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