FEATURE: The Bowel Movement

FEATURE: The Bowel Movement

Constipation, diarrhea and piles are all familiar to us. We have become aware of their presence because most people suffer from some, but in many cases, all three, as the peripheral effects are headache, backache, cramping and poor sleeping habits. It is such a universal problem, as far back as I remember, I knew of both my grandmothers’ constipation. It seems to be in everybody’s memory, a pervasive problem for sure. I feel that we need to thoroughly examine why the majority are constipated.

Relieving the constipation seems to me to be only half the remedy. There must be a logical reason for constipation. Unless this reason is eliminated, the stress of constipation would slowly wear the person down to complete exhaustion and death. That’s the reason why we must look closely at this, because the cause of this problem is much more important than continually relieving the constipation.

Fortunes are being made from our ignorance, as we go about lowering our cholesterol and blood pressure, loosening our decayed joints, dealing with our failing teeth…this is obscenely criminal. The true task of the future doctors is to understand and teach people how to prevent disease, how to eat, and totally take care of themselves.This will serve society in a more beneficial way than formulating expensive medicine to treat a problem that can be healed and certainly prevented.

Presently, this is how we are treating constipation — spending fortunes to force out this awful stinky mass in our intestines. Those who have a movement each day stands tall and proud, “like clockwork,” I am told many times, “every morning as soon as I have my coffee” and everyone, including the doctor says “good!”but I think we need to take a closer look.

Having been constipated myself for many years and suffering the same peripheral misery —headaches, backaches etc, Shelton taught me the truth about this universal problem. Thanks to this wonderful man, I healed myself and helped many others heal themselves. I was given the opportunity to observe many reversing their condition.

We know that a meat-based diet is very constipating. But what we have not yet known is that eating three times a day and moving your bowel one time per day is constipation and the far-reaching effects of this go to the grave with us.Let me begin by explaining the negative effects of eating three times a day and moving our bowel once.

Many wonderful events occur from the time we eat until the waste leaves the body. The medical explanation leaves me cold, because it is obvious that they do not fully comprehend what has taken place. They are busy dealing with the negative reactions they call ‘disease’, i.e. the flu, the various infections, drainage, dandruff, skin eruptions and all the pains and aches.

When I was in the middle of my own health tragedy, I was very serious about finding answers. I knew I had been eating poorly but I believed that the bowel movement that I had every morning was clearing the waste out of my body. It was a mystery for sure, and the only answer I found came from new age health books, which proclaim that death began in the colon. But, I knew that their recommendations of herbal purgatives, colonics and enemas were not the answers.

When I discovered fasting, I embraced it immediately and the results were to say the least, phenomena. Profuse drainage took place from my sinuses and upper respiratory system, through my ears, eyes and skin, and from my feet to my scalp. It dawned on me then that I was overloading my system from head to toe, with soft indigestible material, which was leaving a toxic residue in various cavities of my body. This became obvious to me as these orifices drained. “So, that’s how that came about”, I said to myself, when I stopped eating for a number of days.

It soon became evident to me that even though I was having one bowel movement a day, this was not enough. After a couple of fasts, I was surprised that my bowels were moving two times a day. And as time went by, I was dumping approximately half an hour to one hour after eating. My body felt cleaner and my mind clearer, because now I was eating pure food in smaller amount and nourishing my body more. What was happening to me was unheard of — two or three effortless dumps per day, and a quiet digestive system.

My thoughts hardly ever left this subject as I pursued a clearer understanding. It became clear to me that toxic build-up occurs in the ear, sinuses, respiratory system, and the uterine cavity. When these cavities reach a point of overload, the body would try to clear this overload by creating an infection. However, because of our wrong perspective, we interfered with this elimination by consulting a doctor who would bring in all of his armies to stop this honest reaction that the body is producing in order to deal with its overload.

By not addressing the root cause of the problem, and by continuing with our poor eating habit and consequent slow bowel elimination, the overloading of these areas soon leads to a chronic deterioration in the ears, resulting in a steady loss of hearing.

This also forces the sinuses, the seat of our communication and intuitiveness, to deal with its condition by trying to clean itself. It does so by shutting down and creating a frontal pressure called ‘the sinus headache’. This is done in anticipation of a sinus infection. This was, however, not understood by the medical authority that tried every weapon it had to interfere, and chronic sinus irritation continued — sneezing and finally allergies, which from my observation throughout the world, showed me that this problem was everywhere. It is blamed on ragweed, pollen, cat hair, etc. We are at a point where the radio broadcasts daily on the presence of these materials and their amounts in the air. It is made so complicated that it leaves the lay people suffering and confused, and paying daily for relief. This is only a part of the story resulting from eating poorly and moving our bowel one time per day.

Now, let’s move to the largest cavity — the upper and lower respiratory system. When this cavity reaches its point of overload, it reacts by creating an infection as its cleansing procedure, which is called ‘the cold’ and believed to be caught from someone else who had a cold. It has been declared a debilitating enemy that not only makes us miserable but actually interfered with the Gross National Product (GNP). All efforts are being made to stop this international enemy.

The respiratory system which was dealing with an overwhelming congestion was very efficiently trying to eliminate itself but was met with a dangerous human intelligence. Soon, the problem of this system will devolve into chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema and finally, a mess of lung infection called pneumonia. And if we still have strength and vitality, we would survive the pneumonia; but if we were old and already diseased, chances are this condition would kill you as it often does. All of this because we eat poorly three times a day and move our bowel only once.

Now the female, she suffers more, because she has to deal with her curse each month. Losing her iron, calcium and blood, plus the discomfort from this calamity because of toxic saturation is now beginning in the female at age 10. I remembered 60 years ago, this began at 17 or 18.

This cavity called the ‘uterus’ is ‘the incubator of angel’. It has a superior intelligence and will attempt to clean itself prior to ovulation, in anticipation of conception. It will purge approximately every 28 days. In the meantime, this is causing the body not only the loss of iron and blood, but a steady loss of calcium from the bones. Then at some point, usually mid to late 40s, the body realizes that it has an emergency on its hand because of all the years of loss of vital nutrients. The body then stops this monthly loss and this event is called ‘menopause’.

I can’t think of another way to explain this. All I know is that we must confront it and address it in the most intelligent way. To cease the menses in menopause does not remove the cause. There is a conflict because the toxic way of life continues but now, there is no monthly release. The result is a series of toxic reactions, i.e. hot and cold flashes, depression, sleeplessness, mood swings, night sweat, including an imbalance of the hormonal system. All these symptoms are treated incrementally and the hormones are unwisely supplemented and life goes on and the doctor called his nurse and said, “Next”. All of this because we eat poorly three times a day and move our bowel only once.

We look at our constipation in terms of annoyance. It has never dawned on us the far reaching negative effects of going a number of days between each bowel movement. We never knew that there were such dire consequences but now we know: when the body is congested, its fluids are thick, inherently weak organs are made weaker; and the circulation and nervous system strained under our biased mentality. Congestion not only hurt your circulation and nervous system, it will hurt your marriage and the raising of your children. You will be more accident-prone and you will recover more slowly.

We must move the waste out of the body efficiently, especially the waste of poor food. Consider that volatility of poorly combined poor food remaining in the system for days. The blood carries the poison throughout the body and irritates the weak parts, making them weaker. This is a lose-lose situation. Eating three times per day of poor food and dumping once is killing us.

There is no other way to honestly look at this. It needs our urgent attention because our dying process is going much too fast. The result will be an unpleasant way to end our life, painful and very costly. Changes will come and I believe that each of us needs time to reason this out. After all, it is the biggest change ever, so have patience with yourself for that is how we learn patience, and dream of the day when you have climbed the mountain — you have lost all taste for meat and dairy and you love the good food you eat. Then, this very high refinery, you call your bowel, will process fruits and vegetables into creativity, music, poetry and happiness. And when the nutrients are absorbed into the system, the material will be composted in the large bowel and what comes out of the rectum, will not be called ‘shit’.

Oops, I almost forgot obesity, the ultimate result of congestion.

Obesity occurs in inherently strong people. This new concept must be considered, because addressing the problem of obesity on the symptom level doesn’t seem to be effective. Strong people get away with the self-abuse because of their inherent strength, and the overeating of poor food has resulted in the maximum congestion — obesity.

Presently, obesity is a multi-billion dollar industry, with self-appointed experts coming out of the woodwork. Books, articles, television and radio programs are everywhere, backed by so-called ‘holistic doctors’ who have all the magic diets, exercise equipment, even hypnosis and stomach stapling, but they all failed because it is one symptom that cannot be tricked out of existence. We have eaten our way into this problem and we must eat our way out of it.

The day when we finally understand that the body alters the mind will be the day we accept the fact that obesity cannot be cured. In itself, it is only a reaction of a deeper underlying cause. Food is the basic addiction. It was our very first. We are craving food that is killing us and that shows how out of balance we are. So, if you were born with a weak stomach, it will break down faster under the burden of overeating before obesity could occur. And if the stomach was strong, the same overeating would result in obesity, but because of the inherent strength, obesity will occur over many years as the strong body endures the abuse.

The majority of humans are troubled and in too many cases, full of rage. The sicker and the more congested, the deeper the rage. And like all disorders, our society has been conditioned to see the symptom as the target to be eliminated, and victory was celebrated if the pain was relieved. Almost no consideration was given as to why there was pain. The list is long from this perspective, consider the following: Why is there constipation? Why the bladder infection? Why the acne? Why the depression? Why the flu? Why the dandruff and why the violence in the children? Why the high divorce rate and why the weakening mentality of the aged?

Every one of these symptoms are treated as a different disorder and the scientific mind has set out to find a way to eliminate the individual disorder. And in doing so, they created the future problems. Interfering with the body’s elimination has weakened the body and increased the toxic load, all of it leads to obesity.

Obesity is indeed congestion, we need to fully understand that. It just didn’t occur. The way we were conceived, the nine months of gestation, how we were fed, and how we couldn’t manage ourselves, and gave away the satisfying gift of self-care. Remember the old scripture that was never explained correctly: “the sins of the parents descend upon the children”? How else can you explain an obese grandmother who overate on poor food and developed diabetes, and years later, a child of her daughter was born with diabetes? If the body is inherently weak, this would kill before the body becomes obese. And if they were inherently strong, then obesity would kill them.

Learn the laws of life. It is easier if we understand and live by those laws. I am always aware of the old Chinese proverb “if you have a disease, do not look for a cure, find your center”. And there is Paul who said in Corinthians, “you must first become natural before you can become spiritual.”All the great books overflowed with the simple solutions of self-healing. This has been overlooked by all the philosophies our societies live by, as we struggle in the box of dead-end dogmatism.

So, there it is — obesity, like all disorders, have a common cause. And when I finally got it, my extra hundred pounds just melted away and I knew that there was no turning back. And this awareness would lead me to many more beautiful revelations. Every prayer was prayed because we did not take care of ourselves. Obesity was just another splinter from the weakness resulting from continuous abuse. All extremes are felt and through the years, because the cause was never removed, we were allowed to further deteriorate to a more weakened level, producing what we all face: old age and all of its consequences.

We have thought for so long that time was the cause of our aging, and it was Shelton who said, “Time will result in a general breakdown, but time is not the cause of this breakdown.” Every symptom that has occurred during our lifetime from childhood elimination to the mental illusions of the older people, are an indication of some malfunction. Obesity is the result of many malfunctions.

Remember, if the body has energy to produce violent eliminations, which takes enormous energy, then it can heal itself also. It is simply a question of properly managing the energy. In other words, the energy used in these violent eliminations can be used for self-healing such as the energy needed to produce flu and diarrhea. People who are weak and close to death have no energy to create these life-saving eliminations.

The most commonsense approach to self-healing is to prevent these problems in the first place. Awards must be given for prevention, rather than the very expensive and time-consuming cures, which treat the symptoms and do not remove the cause. There is no doubt that time has taken its toll but the lack of lawful living is a major part of this cause. Obesity, like all symptoms, cannot be tricked out of existence.

Ray Kent has been eating a raw food and helping people with Fasting for over 50 years.

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