Gray Hair Regains Color And Teeth Whiten With This Herb

Gray Hair Regains Color And Teeth Whiten With This Herb

A sign of both aging and stress, gray hair can be a sore subject. Some people don’t mind it and embrace the salt and pepper look, while others do everything they can to keep the color alive. If you want to help your graying hair regain its natural color, we have the plant for you. You won’t have to resort to chemical dyes and other hair products.

Sage is an ancient healing herb that has been used for thousands of years. People traditionally used sage to help relieve gastric pain, but it has also been used to stop bleeding or as a natural disinfectant. Like the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” there is a saying about sage that goes, “Who has sage in the garden does not need a doctor.” A sage plant in your garden works as a natural insect repellent, keeping your carrots, cabbage, strawberries, tomatoes, and marjoram fresh.

Dried sage leaves are fairly common and easy to obtain at. Purchase an entire dried sage bundle and keep it in your closet to keep it insect free. You can also use sage essential oil to make DIY cosmetic products. Sage leaves are commonly used in cooking and burning the dried leaves is a great way to make your house smell amazing.

To keep the gray away, you have to make a natural solution that you’ll rinse through your hair. First, put 3-4 tablespoons of crushed, soaked sage in a half liter of water. Let that sit for 8 hours and then strain the liquid into a large pitcher. Don’t throw that crushed sage away because you are going to boil it in another half liter of water. Leave it boiling for five minutes and then remove from the heat and allow the mixture to cool. Strain the liquid into the pitcher with the other sage water.

How To Use

After washing your hair with a natural shampoo, rinse it with two cups of the sage solution. This will help restore your hair’s original color. If you have very dark or black hair, prepare the same solution, but use equal parts sage and black tea for best results. You can consume 1 cup of this mixture a day, or use 2 cups as a natural rinse.

To whiten your teeth, you can rub fresh sage leaves on your teeth. You can also rinse your mouth with lukewarm sage tea to help prevent cavities. Rinsing with sage tea also helps to naturally freshen your breath!



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