Medicine Cabinet Makeover: Skin Care

Medicine Cabinet Makeover: Skin Care

Your skin is the largest breathing organ, which means that you should know exactly what you are putting on it. Applying toxic chemicals like commercial beauty products or prescription creams/ointments can often result in acne, rashes, skin spots, dry skin, or wrinkles. These signs are the skin’s way of rejecting foreign toxins. Rather than just looking for the eco-friendly option, dive deeper and aim for cruelty-free, organic, and all-natural products. How do you find these? You make them.

A common misconception about skin care products is that organic and all-natural are interchangeable words. They are not. For your benefit, it is optimal to get something that is both organic and all-natural, simply because it means that you are providing your skin with the purest forms of the ingredients. We, however, want you to buy separate organic and all-natural ingredients so that you can make your own skin care products. Trust us when we say that your skin will be appreciative.

Your Skin Will Be Softer

Most lip balms, moisturizers, creams, and lotions often contain drying agents that counteract what they are supposed to be doing! Using real ingredients without drying agents helps your skin stay hydrated, nourished, and soft.

You Might Notice Clearer Skin

This is not guaranteed because everyone’s skin is different and each person reacts to ingredients in various ways. Halting the use of chemical-rich moisturizers may have a positive affect on the endocrine system, though. These products contain synthetic hormones that can lead to acne, fertility issues, or hormonal imbalance. You may break out using your standard lotion, but your skin may respond positively to an all-natural moisturizer.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite DIY skin care products below. If you make them, let us know how they work out for you.

Two Ingredient Mask To Help Get Rid Of Acne


The two ingredients in this mask are raw apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay. When combined together, these ingredients can help to unclog pores, exfoliate the skin, rejuvenate skin tone, draw out impurities, help regenerate skin tissue, and leave the skin feeling soft.

Click here to make the recipe.

DIY Face Wash With Honey And Chamomile


Chamomile has the ability to reduce acne scars and provide relief from skin irritations. The antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal properties make it the perfect ingredient for maintaining healthy skin.

Click here to make the mask.

Coffee Sugar Scrub To Exfoliate Your Skin


Coffee is more than a drink that gives you a caffeine boost in the morning. Those grounds can do wonders for your skin, for example, helping to reduce inflammation or get rid of cellulite. Coffee grounds work to exfoliate the skin, helping to remove dead skin cells.

Click here to make the sugar scrub.

DIY Herbal Lotion For Dry Hands


You might look down at your hands one day, only to realize that they are dry and cracked. This is not good. Code dry, we have a code dry. Something that can moisturize is needed before you can set foot in the world. Well, as it turns out, we have an amazing DIY herbal hand cream that is perfect for daily usage.

Click here to make the lotion.

DIY Lavender Body Butter


The weather is the only thing that should be dry during the winter months. You don’t have to let the cold dictate the appearance or health of your skin. Use this body butter to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Click here to make the body butter.

A Trio Of DIY Moisturizers


Leaving you with only one moisturizer during the colder months seemed unfair, so we put together three of our favorite DIY moisturizers. They are all easy to make and contain amazing, skin-friendly ingredients.

Click here to make the moisturizer.

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