Must-Eats For The Healthiest, Shiniest Hair Ever

Must-Eats For The Healthiest, Shiniest Hair Ever

There’s nothing like having long, luscious locks that look like they could be featured in a shampoo or conditioner commercial. Those hair product commercials convince us to buy chemical products that actually cause hair to become damaged, limp, and undernourished over time. It turns out that one of the best things you can do for your hair is to change your diet.

To help keep your hair healthy, there are certain foods that you need to eat. There are also some general tips that can improve the look of your locks. First off, it’s important to establish healthy digestion because this will help your body absorb the nutrients, which contribute to healthy hair growth. You can add probiotics, for example, fermented vegetables or sauerkraut to your diet to promote healthy gut flora.

Secondly, it’s integral to keep it natural. While eating a healthy diet strengthens your hair, using natural hair products helps to nourish, instead of damage, your hair. Try a natural shampoo or make your own beauty products using coconut oil!

Your hair requires certain nutrients, but what do you eat in order to get them? Consume the following foods to provide nourishment for your hair.

Vitamins & Minerals

You need vitamins and minerals if you want healthy hair. Iron and zinc are essential! While zinc gives your hair the classic shine, iron helps to carry oxygen to your hair follicles. Lucky for you, these nutrients are abundant in many plant-based foods. All you need to do is eat your fair share of quinoa, beans, sesame seeds, hibiscus tea, lentils, and oranges. Make sure to vary your foods to get a wide variety of nutrients.

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats help to keep your hair and skin healthy. Avocados, raw nuts, and virgin coconut oil have many essential fatty acids that help turn dry, brittle hair into luscious locks that look hydrated.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you have a build-up of hair products on your scalp or in your hair, apple cider vinegar can help clean up that build-up and balance the pH levels. Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and water and wash your hair like normal, using a natural shampoo and conditioner. Finish washing with the apple cider vinegar solution. Leave the mixture in and then rinse it after a few minutes.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been known as the “the miracle ingredient” for your hair. It is a great hair mask that works to hydrate your hair, and it can help remedy split ends too! Apply a small scoop of coconut oil to your hair at night, cover with a shower cap to avoid staining your pillow case, and wash it out in the morning. You’ll experience natural shine and bounce.


Your hair is primarily made up of protein, so it makes sense that you need protein for healthy hair growth. Rather than going to town on meat and dairy products, go for whole grains, nuts, legumes, seeds, and leafy green vegetables. There are many plant-based protein sources, like spirulina, which the body can use more efficiently than animal-based protein sources.



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