Quit Drinking Coffee For A Better Night’s Sleep

Quit Drinking Coffee For A Better Night’s Sleep

Saying goodbye to the magical bean that gives us caffeine can be difficult. Whether you quit drinking coffee to break an addiction, improve your overall mood, or decrease anxiety, we applaud and support you on your endeavor. Maybe you had to give up coffee because you participated in our Full Body Cleanse and are looking for coffee alternatives. Whatever the case, one of the best reasons to quit drinking coffee and start drinking natural, healthier alternatives that give you an energy boost is to get a better night’s sleep.

First off, coffee (caffeine in general) is a stimulant. Anyone who has felt the adrenaline spikes of coffee knows that it keeps you awake, sometimes more than you’d like. Just as flying across time zones can disrupt your internal clock, so can coffee. Drinking coffee 6 hours before you go to sleep, which a lot of people do, can shorten sleep time by an hour. After a day at the office, you need those long-awaited zzz’s. Is coffee worth having an irregular sleep pattern?

According to about 54% of the population, a cup of Joe is a necessary part of the day. Just as we enjoy a second cup of fresh squeezed juice later in the day, people who drink coffee need a second cup, which is the real ruiner of a good night’s sleep. The reason for this is because caffeine interrupts the flow of melatonin to the brain. This is the hormone that sends us to bed. Research indicates that coffee halves the body’s production of melatonin. You could sleep five hours or seven hours. What would you prefer? We’re betting on more hours of sleep.

If you need a natural energizer to kickstart your day, we have several coffee alternatives. These differ from coffee because they either have electrolytes, antioxidants, iron, or magnesium, all of which help expand the blood vessels to create a natural energy rush. Coconut water is rich in potassium and electrolytes, providing you with more benefits than Gatorade or Powerade. You won’t need caffeine if you drink hibiscus tea. It gives you a healthy dose of iron and thiamin, which converts your food into energy. Regulate your oxygen and blood flow by drinking beet juice, and be energized during your workouts, too! Pureed banana with water/ice will increase your “happy” neurotransmitters to fuel you throughout the day. Additionally, bananas pack a potassium punch and are easily digestible. Finally, an apple cider vinegar and water solution is the one of the best energizers we know of. Not only will you be getting a natural, caffeine-free energy rush, which will keep you at a healthy energized level throughout the day, but you will also be getting a better night’s sleep.



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