Thanksgiving Is National Family Health History Day

Thanksgiving Is National Family Health History Day

Thanksgiving is a time to spread love, give thanks, and celebrate life with friends and family. In the midst of all the merriment, it is important to talk about family health. Since 2004, Thanksgiving has been National Family Health History Day. The importance of knowing your family’s health history is crucial to creating a long and healthy life for the younger generations.

While you may look like your father, have your uncle’s behavior, or have your mother’s cheekbones, you can also have other things passed down to you. Health problems or diseases can be inherited if they have been present in your family’s history. Although this isn’t the case for all health ailments, it is fairly common in the following list.

The best way to find out about health conditions that run in your family is to ask your relatives. It is advised that you write down the names of your closest blood relatives who have had health problems. Ask about chronic diseases, which family members were diagnosed, and what the outcome was. Record this information and be sure to update it every year.

It is important to know which conditions run in the family in order for you to take preventative steps to ensure a healthy future. The best way to start caring for yourself is to improve your diet. Incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet to give your body the nutrients it needs. You can also start exercising several times a week. This can ward off conditions like depression, obesity, high blood pressure, or even alcoholism.

Keep yourself healthy by staying informed about your family’s health history. Be merry, be festive, be healthy, and have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. Make sure to check out our delicious Thanksgiving recipes in our recipe section.

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