The Healing Formula

The Healing Formula


I put it at the top of the list as being the most truthful beginning of the healing process. We certainly cannot go looking for a cure in our weakened condition or we will be tricked again for sure.

Fasting is the experience of letting go, opening up and draining our cells of contamination, irritations as well as the old stagnant cellular memories — conditions that make cancer, M.S., weak hearts and weak minds and sad eyes. The whole event of self-healing is pure in its essence and the days of not eating, of pain and tears are part of cleansing. We have begun to return to balance.

For centuries, we have been like a clenched fist and now as it opens, we feel the pain as we rise out of this unnatural dying process. Our great independence is returning as we learn to trust this great home, this body that we live in. It is resolving its own irritation, congestion and imbalance. We are returning to a place where the body doesn’t have to work so hard.

Many people come to me to learn how to prepare for surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Regardless of how we choose to deal with our conditions, we must create a healing environment and supply all the needs of the body from A to Z. It is perfectly wise to fast in preparation for the enormous negativity of medicine that causes deadly side effect. Through fasting, the body’s ability to absorb nutrients greatly improves, the elimination organs become more efficient, the nervous system stronger, and a craving for cleaner food replaces the craving for fried chicken. This is more important than the medicine because it has no negative side-effects. The stage is now set for healing.

There are cases where cancer is on such a rampage that it can only be stopped by surgery, chemo and radiation. Evidence of this is everywhere. Many of these cases still drag on 20 years into the treatment. I believe that by implementing the healing prescription of fasting at early detection, the use of devastating cure techniques can often be avoided or at least minimized.

Learn about fasting, educate yourself and then do your own double blind study. Find someone who understands the reversal process to coach you through your first couple of fasts and, of course, find anything you can get your hands on that was written by Herbert Shelton. Fasting is the beginning of life’s journey.

During your fast, spend most of this precious time going inside. Don’t waste it by listening to the burdens of other fasters, if you are in a group setting. The highest human endeavor is to find oneself and understand the wisdom of the ancient Chinese proverb: “If you have a disease, don’t look for a cure, find your balance.”Fasting opens the door to our center. As your body frees itself from high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation and fatigue, you will have found the key to real living, because to understand the true cause of all these disorders, and to remove this cause is to embrace the true meaning of freedom.

Fasting is the key.


Sunshine is the powerhouse of rejuvenation. When educated minds of our societies tell us to get out of the sun, because it causes skin cancer, we are witnessing one of the great tragedies that has come out of an insane surge for a cure. The public has become a victim of this misinformation and has been denied the greatest element of healing. The sun is one of our essential nutrients.

The sun is not even in the slightest the cause of our suffering. It is our congestion, constipation and our over-heated systems as well as our genetic predispositions that lead to cancer and heart problems. Our failures and the crazy, sad and expensive way we die are the true cause of our suffering. The same mentality is still trying to stop the common cold and infections, and generally interfering with the natural and very important elimination processes of a clogged system. By killing germs, stopping diarrhea and interfering with fevers, we are in fact creating the future diseases.

One of the ways we take our power back is by not so easily believing what these educated people are telling us. The more we disbelieve and question the guesswork of others, the stronger we will become. For those who want a more in depth, scientific look at the sun, there is an excellent presentation entitled “Sunlight’ written by Dr. Kime, M.D.

In the meantime, go into the sun, early morning or late afternoon for 5 to 20 min on each side per day. It will take time and measured amounts of sun before we turn to our particular shade of brown. The cleaner the body, the quicker the color changes. As the burning and peeling stop and the color deepens, the bones become stronger and the nervous system calmer. The sun is a must for infants. The golden glow of the sun, which the little one in the womb sees when the pregnant female lies naked in the sun, greatly benefits their bones and nervous system.

Division has grown in the medical community as those medical professionals who deal with depression and the more serious bipolar problems realize that those sufferers who live in cloudy, wet weather, such as Seattle, take the most medicine such as lithium and experience the deepest depression. These medical professionals prescribe ultra violet light, even when produced artificially, as a relief for these problems. Whereas dermatologists are quoted all over the earth as saying, “Stay out of the sun”. Such a mistake! Such poor advice!

Science tells us that the sun activates the pineal gland, which produces a special hormone that bathes the whole nervous system. The problem with our condition is in no way the fault of the sun. That the sun is a problem is one of the most damaging findings that came out of the world of science. The medical world is robbing people of the sun, the most important and necessary ingredient in healing both physically and emotionally. Love the sun! It is the fuel of this blessed life. We are the most solar powered life on earth.When we rid our cells of the residue of chickens, cows, pigs and cereals, they will fill with solar energy. We will stand at the top of the pyramid of life, closest to the sun, the source of our every breath.

Pure Eating

In all my travels over 30 years, I have never met or heard of anyone who was totally living by the laws of life, the law that every free creature on earth follows. I know people who go in and out of the law. They have periods of time as law-abiding citizens and periods when they are not. As far as I can see, total adherence to the law remains an ideal that, if strived for, can slowly turn into a beautiful reality, a reality of healing.

As we become calmer and more fine-tuned, as a result of pure eating, the taste buds come alive and crave exactly what the body needs.When we say to ourselves that we want watermelon, that feeling began in the taste buds which are the voice of the cells. It will not only taste delicious, but it will fill some need. When our digestive apparatus becomes more efficient, our cravings become less and for cleaner nourishment. The result will be a calmer and more comfortable existence. We all begin to feel good after we drop the meat and dairy products. You can just imagine as the years go by and more irritants are removed from our body, how great life can be.

All the essentials of this life-giving formula necessary to power us to perfection are found in the air, in the sunshine and in all fruits and vegetables. It is the truth that if we follow nature’s laws, the majority of us would live to see disease-free, well-behaved and responsible humans having the time of their lives. It is as inevitable as the earth rolls toward tomorrow’s sun. Fit this healing reality into a place in your heart. Explore it, read Shelton’s works, test it and claim it for yourself. It is important to know that this is the truth. Once we are truly convinced of this, it becomes much easier to follow it with desire and not discipline.

It must be understood that each of us is a unique arrangement of genetic circumstances whose influence surely goes back hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years, and we have been genetically damaged and were born predisposed to the painful surfacing of many disorders. Those with a weak and inefficient digestive system have the most difficult time changing to a pure diet. Some people have the stomach for 80% raw, in some cases 100% raw diet, while others, like myself, have to take baby steps because of our individual condition. What counts more than performance is our understanding and intent.

Once we see that we deserve to be well and that better health is obtainable, the suffering from years of abuse will fade away with the morning mist. Our whole environment, every system, every creature, every blade of grass has a mandate for perfection and we are the outlaws. It is hard and shocking to realize that we, the potentially highest and most elegant form of life on earth, are interfering with the miracle of self-healing and evolution. The engine that drives every thought and emotion is that part of us we call our ‘digestive system’ and it craves pure eating.


In Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, he made some very profound statements about love. From my understanding of what he had to say, he called on the highest in all of us. Unfortunately, so in depth was his explanation of love that even the men in robes down through the ages come away with only superficial concepts. This is proven by their actions as they beat us up with the crusades and inquisition madness. The religions and their leaders have not demonstrated a true understanding of this all encompassing concept. This is why I think that we have to give Paul’s explanation of love some serious thought as we clean and heal and feel that feeling for ourselves. Learning to love through self-care is the major stone in this foundation of thought.

In Corinthians 13, verse 4., I paraphrase: “Love has much patience and is kind. Love is not easily provoked and does not think evil, does not rejoice in negativity, but celebrates the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, is full of hope and endures all things. Love never fails. The prophecies shall fail, tongues shall cease and knowledge shall vanish away. We only really know little bits about little bits, but when the concept of perfection comes into focus, all our partial knowledge will disappear. What is left over after doubt goes away will be faith, hope and love and the greatest of all is love.”Having just read it for the hundredth time, I’m still blown away by depth and simplicity of his explanation.

Now, moving this into our self-care is going to make us very loving creatures and if we are lucky enough to rise in love with someone who truly loves himself or herself, we win the universal lotto coming home to ourselves. Understanding who we are is the richest part of this great journey. The wonderful feeling that comes over us as we clean out and heal is but a forerunner to a greater feeling that will put us in our bubble of peace. We are then apprentices in this ongoing creation, this evolving miracle that has created in all of us, a consciousness that is so diverse and so omnipotent that we are the mind and heart of this great Mother.

We are the consciousness of the earth, we are the voice of every living thing. The temptation is to fix things by still going outside of ourselves for help and direction. The direction is inward and the place is us. In the mirror, we see the doctor, the spiritual leader, that special friend. In order for us to create heaven on earth, the earth’s highest creation must heal. Everything about us from our head to our feet and every part that drives every bit of us needs to come into balance.

We need to realize that the earth and all its components, including the oceans and its forests, can rejuvenate itself. We need to educate in a kinder, more comfortable way, neither with dogmatism and intimidation, nor with words of division, or violent demonstrations. From the smallest blade of grass to the great redwoods, from the tinniest microbe to the great elephants, from the fly to the eagle, all life is coded for regeneration and our deepest responsibility is to allow all life to heal.That will happen as we return home to ourselves and mind our own business. When we do, we will be pleasantly surprised that the kingdom of heaven is indeed at hand and we will continue to grow with every passing moment.

We must pursue what we love the most, because that speaks volumes about us.Through Fasting, Sunshine, Pure Eating and Love, we will find our way to our dreams — a place where peace reigns.

Ray Kent has been eating a raw food and helping people with Fasting for over 50 years.

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