The Immune System and Immune Health

The Immune System and Immune Health

The word immunity derives from the Latin word, immunis, meaning free. In the Roman civil law, immunity was an exemption from a duty or an obligation generally required by law, as an exemption from taxation, exemption from penalty for wrongdoing, or protection against liability.

Immunity also had a secondary meaning pertaining to the quality of being insusceptible to or unaffected by a particular disease or condition.

Okay, so the human body has a so-called immune system, but what is this system? What is its function? How does it work? Does the system make us exempt from certain diseases, sicknesses, and pathologies? Does it exempt us from wrongdoing (consuming forbidden foods and beverages) or the penalty stemming from wrongdoing, which is degeneration (disease, necrosis, aging, and death)?

Medically, the so-called immune system is defined as follows: A biochemical complex that protects the body against pathogenic organisms and other foreign bodies. The system incorporates the humoral immune response, which produces antibodies to react with specific antigens, and the cell-mediated response, which uses T-cells to mobilize tissue macrophages in the presence of a foreign body. The immune system also protects the body from invasion by creating local barriers and inflammation. The local barriers provide chemical and mechanical defenses through the skin, the mucous membranes, and the conjunctiva. Inflammation draws polymorphonuclear leukocytes and neutrophils to the site of injury where these phagocytes engulf the invading organism. The humoral response and the cell-mediated response develop if these first-line defenses fail or are inadequate to protect the body. The humoral response is especially effective against bacterial and viral invasions and employs B-cells that produce appropriate antibodies.® SOURCE: Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 3rd Edition. Missouri: The C.V. Mosby Co. (1990), pg. 607

Okay, so now we have a little knowledge from a medical perspective on this thing called the immune system. Now we can move on! Now, the seat of the so-called immune system is the Thymus Gland. The Thymus Gland is one of the major glands of the endocrine system (or hormonal system). The endocrine system is the network of ductless glands and other structures that elaborate and secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream, affecting the function of specific target organs.

The endocrine system consists of seven major glands which include the adrenal, gonads (ovaries and testes), pancreas-spleen, thymus, thyroid, pituitary and pineal glands. Each one of these seven glands corresponds to an energy center or vortex known as a chakra (Shock-ra). The word Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit.

Each chakra has a frequency that results in a specific color for each gland of the endocrine system. For example:

Adrenal Gland/First Chakra = RED
Gonads/Second Chakra = ORANGE
Pancreas-Spleen/Third Chakra = YELLOW
Thymus Gland/Fourth Chakra = GREEN/PINK
Thyroid Gland/Fifth Chakra = LIGHT BLUE
Pituitary Gland/Sixth Chakra = INDIGO/DARK BLUE
Pineal Gland/Seventh Chakra = VIOLET/WHITE

Because sound or tone is also a frequency, each chakra (and gland) also corresponds to a specific tone. For example:

Adrenal Gland/First Chakra = C Tone
Gonads/Second Chakra = D Tone
Pancreas-Spleen/Third Chakra = E Tone
Thymus Gland/Fourth Chakra = F Tone
Thyroid Gland/Fifth Chakra = G Tone
Pituitary Gland/Sixth Chakra = A Tone
Pineal Gland/Seventh Chakra = B Tone

Based upon the above, the endocrine system is dependent upon color and sound (frequency) for healing and maintenance. This would be referred to as chromatherapy (color therapy) and sound therapy.

So the Thymus Gland is the seat of the so-called immune system. The Thymus Gland is medically defined as: The primary central gland of the immune system. The endocrine activity of the thymus is believed to depend on the hormone thymosin, which is composed of biologically active peptides critical to the maturation and the development of the immune system. The T-cells of the cell-mediated immune response develop in this gland before migrating to the lymph nodes and the spleen. SOURCE: Mosby’s supra, pg. 1169

It is therefore the Thymus Gland that is the seat of so-called immunity, as stated supra. I say so-called immunity because as my good friend Phil Valentine says, There’s no immunity from doing the wrong thing! And he’s right! There is a Universal law of cause and effect. You do the wrong thing and you pay for it. There is always a consequence to and for an action. A good consequence follows a good action and a bad consequence follows a bad action.

So the immune system does not afford immunity. In reality, the so-called immune system is a defense system. It comes to your defense when foreign particles and pathogenic agents invade your system. The defense or so-called immune system is your body’s military. I have always said that each individual is a sovereign nation and your external skin is the border of your government. Just like the United States of America is founded upon a Constitution, so is your nation (body), i.e. bodily constitution.

Now, the only immunity is prevention! You are immune to a thing when a thing does not bother you or invade you, be it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. If a thing taxes your body, you are not immune. If you feel the negative impact of a thing, you are not immune. In fact, you are being punished; you have been compromised (invaded).

You are hearing about many cases of immune deficiencies, disorders, and weakness today because immunity is looked upon in an exclusive one dimensional state and that’s physical. If the body exists on eight levels, one physical and seven subtle bodies, does not immunity apply to all eight bodies, the physical body as well as the seven subtle bodies? Of course it does! But today, most people conscious of the so-called immune system deal with it on a one dimensional level – the physical, and totally neglect the other aspects of their being. Let’s look at it. If we treat the Thymus Gland, that’s physical. But does not the Thymus Gland correlate to a chakra or energy site on the body? Of course it does! It correlates to the Fourth Chakra, known as Ajna or the Hermetic Plexus (in occult/metaphysical circles). Before a disease is physical, it is first energetic and on three levels: spiritual, mental and emotional. By the time the physical immune system and Thymus Gland are compromised or sabotaged, the damage has already been done on the energy level.

Taking Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), herbs of Echinacea and Goldenseal, and other immune boosting substances only address the physical immune or defense system. What about emotional, spiritual and mental immunity? I’m not saying natural substances (especially plants) don’t have a subtle effect on the mental and emotional, because they do. Herbs of Chamomile, Valerian Root, Passionflower, etc. do affect one’s emotions. They can calm the mind and therefore help mentally and emotionally. But that which is subtle can be weak or inadequate when there is heavy duty invasion. Something adequate as far as immunity or defense is needed. We’re dealing with power here!

When you understand what the metaphysical, emotional, spiritual, and attitudinal attributes of the Fourth Chakra are, then you can understand what constitutes immunity or defense (or prevention) on the energy level.

At the Fourth Chakra, the metaphysical attributes are: unconditional love, service to others, compassion, charity, benevolence, philanthropy, and the ability to express love.

Now considering that most people do not know what unconditional love is or even practice or perform it, in addition to having limited compassion (usually only showing compassion to family and friends) if they have it all, refuse to give meaningful charity from the heart (unless a national event such as the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe occurs), and lack the ability to express love (which especially applies to us American males due to societal structuring where we are conditioned to believe love is for sissies or that love makes you weak or a simp); is it any wonder that lowered immunity is the norm for the average American?

Let’s look at immunity and the so-called immune system from a higher or metaphysical perspective.

It is a fact that watching the news compromises (weakens) the immune system. So does horror movies! Negativity compromises the immune system. Since negativity is general in scope, let’s specifically list some negative things – stress, lying, FEAR, anger, apathy, sadness, grief, depression, hatred, oppression, and insecurity to name just a few.

Television news and horror movies weaken and compromises immunity. Why? Because they are negative! Your mind is stressed (taxed) after watching such things.

How come you view such things or previously viewed such things? I have my reasons. More importantly, what I watch does not impact me as I am secure in all eight bodies, plus, my mind has a discriminating filter. I don’t watch horror movies (or the news) for excitement or entertainment. I get into the mind or mentality of the writers and directors, and the script. I am a student of fear. I wanted to learn how fear worked (on the masses of the people). I wanted to know what was the purpose and motive for inciting and inducing fear. What was the hidden agenda behind promoting fear was what interested me. What was the benefit of fear? Who benefited from it, was what I desired to learn.

Fear paralyzes! It also impacts the kidneys which stores the energy of fear. This is why you should never let children watch horror movies. I have two maternal cousins who grew up watching horror movies at a very young age and both of them used to always urinate in the bed. The fear from the horror movies negatively impacted the function of their kidneys.

Fear makes the heart beat fast and thus negatively impacts the heart. The heart corresponds and correlates to the Thymus Gland, the seat of the so-called immune system; so when the heart is impacted, the Thymus Gland is also impacted; and thus the so-called immune system. And we can’t forget the Adrenal Glands! Fear causes the Adrenal Glands to secrete adrenaline, the fight or flight hormone. And remember, the Adrenal Glands correlate to the First Chakra, which deals with grounding, feeling safe and secure, and survival.

In a nutshell, fear (from television news and national/international tragedies, Hurricane Katrina, September 11, 2001; Manson Murders; airplane crashes, etc; horror and suspense films) negatively impacts the entire endocrine system. When one gland is impacted, all are impacted and likewise with the chakras. If the First and Fourth heart chakras are closed, the other chakras are impacted and thus we have misalignment. So it’s safe to say that fear (television news, horror films, etc.) impacts Christ Consciousness, telepathy, creativity, imagination, pleasure, feeling grounded, spirituality, link with the Higher Self, expression; personal power, and many more attributes of the various chakras in the body.

Fear places us in a position of danger, whether the fear is real or imagined. When we are in danger, what happens? Does not the heart beat fast? Does not the adrenal glands shoot out adrenaline (fight or flight hormone)? Fear impacts us on many levels – physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, etc.

You have to have a very secure foundation to not let fear and negativity impact you. It takes time and some practice, but it can be done!

Fear can be eradicated by understanding the root of fear, which is not based in love. The eyes of fear travel deep to the soul of fear, the polarity of a combination of strength, security, safety and courage.

The Matrix provides us with fear nonstop in order to not make us feel safe, secure and grounded in life. This is great for society because it creates the desire in the public for excessive law enforcement presence, more jails and prisons for those who wreck havoc and create fear in society; the demand for various insurance; compulsion to attend and join religious institutions so God can save you from all that you fear (which is really your own ignorance and lack of faith and knowledge in God and Self), etc.

Fear is BIG BUSINESS! The appetite for fear is IGNORANCE! This is why we are purposely kept ignorant, especially to the truth. It is our nature to feel safe. Why do we move to certain neighborhoods? We want to feel safe and secure! Why do the majority of people purchase guns? They want to feel safe and secure! Why do people purchase various insurance policies? Is it not because they want to feel safe and secure? Of course!

Fear is NOT a natural response. It is learned and programmed into us. Our earliest memories of fear are buried in our cells. These fearful memories will continue emitting fearful responses until the software is changed or replaced. So when we understand this thing called safety which is the opposite of danger, immunity comes more into perspective from a metaphysical point of view and light.

Now mentally speaking, the so-called immune system is a physiological aspect of safety and security. This is why I promote and encourage expanding your sense of safety and security which is done by tapping into the Universe and by knowing God and Higher Self within.

As you expand your sense of safety and security, you automatically evolve out of a physiological need to have a so-called immune system. This is why Americans are experiencing so many syndrome-type disease functions related to the so-called immune system. These syndrome-type diseases are really related to the lack of safety and security.

Take A.I.D.S. for example. A.I.D.S. is an acronym for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. People today don’t have time to wait for Mr. and Mrs. Right and the safety and security that comes from a monogamous relationship built on faith and knowledge in God, trust, unconditional love, and fidelity. That’s too much work! So now we are in the age of fast sex like with everything else we have today, including fast food, fast cash, etc.

People love fast sex today but they are seriously afraid of contracting so-called A.I.D.S. In fact, morality has deteriorated in America more rapidly since the advent of A.I.D.S. Sex, especially indiscriminate sex, is more rampant today in the midst of A.I.D.S. than any time before.

The social engineers know that the masses love sex and at the same time are ignorant and fearful of A.I.D.S. Hey, the perfect conspiracy! Promote sex to the left, and promote A.I.D.S. to the right, and what do you get in the end? More CONTROL over people!

I have a celebrity friend who loves sex but who is very scared of A.I.D.S. I tell this person to abstain from indiscriminate sex (which he should be doing any way since he’s married). If he lives righteous (loyalty to his wife) then the fear of A.I.D.S. automatically goes away. It’s very easy and basic! It’s the Universal law of cause and effect. His cause (indiscriminate and random sex with strange women) creates his effect (extreme fear of A.I.D.S.).

A.I.D.S. is successful as a fear tactic because folks ain’t going to stop with the sex. The desire and drive for sex in us is to strong. Too much emphasis is placed on sex. Besides, the Rulers are greatly working their Hegelian Dialectic scheme on us today creating a thesis (sex is sinful), followed by an antithesis or opposition to the thesis (the pornography industry; free sex), resulting in the synthesis or objective sexual confusion, obsession and perversion.

As Osho brilliantly stated, pornography will never be eradicated until religion is eradicated, because you can’t have the obsession and perversion of sex without the repression and condemnation of sex, and what major force has been promoting the repression of sex for millennia? Is it not religion? Who taught you sex was a sin? Even though God instructed us in the Bible (for those of you who believe in it and accept it as The Word) to Be fruitful, and multiply, replenish the earth, now you have religious institutions telling you this divine and natural act is a sin.

So how do we develop immunity other than physically with the so-called immune system? Evidently, the eradication of fear and all that is negative is the solution. If you have lowered immunity, what are you afraid of? What makes you feel unsafe and insecure? That God won’t protect and provide for you? That your job will lay you off? That your mate will leave you for another person? That you will lose your material possessions? That you will lose your status and/or position in life/society? What are you afraid of?

If you are afraid of something it only means you are ignorant to something and how do you eradicate ignorance? By acquiring KNOWLEDGE (and applying it).

Healing the Immune System

You can physically boost, strengthen and invigorate the so-called immune system by consuming a diet rich or high in alkaline foods, mainly green cruciferous vegetables.

Meat (dead animal flesh) great lowers immunity because every time you eat meat you are allowing serious foreign invaders (particles) and harsh chemical substances into your body. This is why your defense cells (T and B) proliferate after eating meat and dairy products. People who eat meat and/or dairy products and who go get tested for H.I.V. or A.I.D.S. will test POSITIVE! Also, consider the emotional state of animals before they are slaughtered for the kill. As my buddy KRS-ONE said in the rap song, Beef, from the Boogie Down Productions CD, Edutainment, animals live under FEAR and STRESS! Kris was right! The fear and stress goes into the cells of the animal via the blood and are frozen there. You buy the meat, thaw it out, cook it and then begin eating it. Do you know what you’re eating? Since animals live and die under FEAR and STRESS, you are what you eat. Are you fearful and stressful in life? If yes, I wonder why!

Beware of using commercial super casket (market) brand household cleaning supplies (409, Pine Sol, Ajax, Mr. Clean, Chlorox Bleach, ammonia, etc.) as they all compromise the immune system. If you use these harsh chemicals, make sure you open up all the windows in your home. If you have an ozone or oxygen machine, you’d be wise to run it while cleaning your home. Personally, I wouldn’t and don’t use any household products that are not Earth and environment friendly and which are also not biodegradable. Reputable Earth-friendly household cleaning supply brands include Ecos, Dr. Bronner’s, Ecover, Seventh Generation, Bon Ami, and Earth Friendly Products and can be found and purchased at good health food stores such as Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Erewon, Wild Oats, and Nature Mart.

There are many immune-boosting herbs and plants that one can consume to help to fortify the immune system. ECHINACEA (all varieties) helps to rebuild and strengthen immune defenses and also improves lymphatic filtration and drainage. GOLDENSEAL is a powerful immune booster and blood cleanser. It works well in conjunction with Echinacea. ASTRAGALUS stimulates the immune system and enhances resistance to all infections, mainly viral and antibacterial. It also enhances the effect of other immune response herbs and is one of the best herbs for the entire endocrine system. GINSENG (all varieties), SARSAPARILLA, LOMATIUM, OSHA, and ST. JOHN’S WORT are also great immune building and enhancing herbs.

And probably the greatest immune boosting agents available in the physical realm are crystals, my favorite people stone people. SMITHSONITE heals a dysfunctional immune system. ELBAITE stimulates the immune system. ANDUSALITE balances the immune system. MOSS AGATE and BROWN JASPER have immune boosting frequency. LAPIS LAZULI cleanses the immune system. SODALITE also cleanses and boosts the immune system. Crystal elixirs are made by adding stones/crystals to distilled water sat in sunlight for a minimum of 24 hours. The properties of the crystals are imbued in the memory of the water. Elixirs work at the cellular and subtle levels of existence.

The essential oils of FRANKINCENSE and MYRRH both protect the immune system. They can be added to a diffuser or added to bath water. To all the male sex hounds, beware! A lot of females out there are WOUNDED (on many levels – emotionally, psychologically and mentally). A wounded female can and will easily engage in casual sex. Women in tune with their feelings and Goddess nature cannot have casual sex. It is only the wounded female who will give you fast sex, which can be very painful and deadly these days. You see, the wounded female is one whose immune system will contract so-called A.I.D.S. and other sexually transmitted diseases more often than others because psychologically she’s willing to die to get back at males and this is the message and programming her immune system picks up. The wounded female can be found smoking cigarettes and marijuana, drinking alcoholic beverages/spirits (demons), and consuming drugs, all of which greatly sabotage the immune system.

If you believe you have H.I.V. or A.I.D.S. because some doctor told you so, please know that no one ever dies of these pathologies! People die from the DRUGS prescribed and consumed in response to testing positive to these pathologies. I’ve always said that A.I.D.S. doesn’t kill! The drug AZT kills! The drugs doctors give H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. patients greatly sabotage the immune system of the patients. The A.I.D.S. medication is nothing but poison and what do you think poison does? It kills your immune system!

Concluding, I have a very strong immune (defense) system. I have to with all the work that I do and people I have to deal with on a daily basis. I can’t afford to be or get sick. I attribute my immune/defense health to my spirituality, righteous living, enhanced aura (via chakra balancing and having all my chakras wide open); happiness in life; profound vibration of love I emit and receive; my vegan/raw foods diet, stress-free living; and most importantly, my lack of fear due to my profound and unshaken faith and knowledge in God and my Higher Self.

The following formulas will greatly help boost, strengthen, cleanse and protect the immune system: Immune Booster Kit, Immune Formula, Immune Tea, Blood & Lymphatic Tea, Electric Greens Cell Food, Anti-Viral Formula and Vitamin C Formula.

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