This Is Why You Need To Stop Using Vaseline Right Now

This Is Why You Need To Stop Using Vaseline Right Now

People use Vaseline or petroleum jelly for different reason. Some people use it to moisturize dry skin, remedy chapped lips, soothe burns, or to keep a tattoo from drying during the healing process. New research, however, has indicated that this common skincare product is not beneficial for your body. In fact, it does more bad than good.

Vaseline’s role is to protect the skin and keep it from drying out. Depending on the weather, people may use it in lotion, ointment, or cream form. People even use it on infants to help remedy diaper rash. It doesn’t serve as a remedy, though, because it actually creates an atmosphere, in which bacteria can multiply.

Vaseline completely shuts down the pores and prevents your body’s natural ability to remedy the issue. Using it on burns, for example, makes it so the body preserves the heat in the tissues, rather than naturally getting rid of it. Do you still want to use Vaseline? Here are more reasons why you shouldn’t.

Destroys Skin’s Collagen

When you apply petroleum jelly to the skin, it inhibits the skin from being able to breathe. This also means that the skin can’t take in nutrients. Continued use of Vaseline requires more collagen use to keep the skin moisturized.

It Can Cause Pneumonia

If you continue to use petroleum jelly, you may experience a health condition known as lipid pneumonia. This only happens when the body intakes a large amount of petroleum jelly, e.g. via your pores. Since the body can’t dispose of it on its own, the lungs can become inflamed.

Full Of Hydrocarbons

Because the skin cannot process Vaseline, you increase your risk of various health ailments. In theory, the petroleum jelly should act as a protective layer, but it inhibits the body from healing naturally. One study found that Vaseline contained mineral oil hydrocarbons, which are a huge threat to the human body.

Do your skin a favor and use natural alternatives like coconut oil, shea butter, or beeswax. All of these are rich in vitamins and minerals that work with the body to naturally heal itself. They also contain anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent inflammation or dryness.

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