Top 5 Reasons Why You Need More Spirulina In Your Life

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need More Spirulina In Your Life

Most people know by now that spirulina is a superfood. If they don’t know exactly what it is, they have still probably heard its name and the word “superfood” in the same sentence. Even though it is an amazing superfood, a lot of people seem hesitant to use it. Why is this? Well, it may have to do with the fact that its bright green color and seaweed smell make it look like an alien substance. Regardless of your opinion on spirulina, let us tell you why you need it in your life.

1. It’s Got Tons Of Nutrients

If you are a vegan, spirulina definitely belongs in your weekly diet. One teaspoon of spirulina contains over 150% of your recommended daily amount of B12, 4 grams of protein, 80% of your daily iron requirement, and 880% of your daily vitamin A requirement. As if that weren’t enough, spirulina has a naturally occurring chemical known as PEA, which helps to promote serotonin product and boost mental focus.

2. It’s A Great Smoothie Addition

Adding spirulina to smoothies is a great way to mask the flavor, while absorbing its benefits. Add some blueberries, a banana, strawberries, and some ice with a little spirulina and you’ve got yourself a nutritious breakfast. All you need is about one or two teaspoons, especially if you are new to spirulina. Don’t be alarmed, but it may give your smoothie a green tinge.

3. It’s a Great B12 Option for Vegans

Spirulina is a great way to get in your Vitamin B12 content, which is important for vegans. If you want to improve digestive health, maintain energy levels, and keep your metabolism functioning like it should, do yourself a favor and get some vitamin B12 from spirulina.

4. It Can Boost Your Thyroid Health

A healthy thyroid is crucial for proper cell metabolic function. Spirulina can help to improve your thyroid health, since it is rich in iodine and micro-nutrients. In fact, all seaweed is beneficial for your thyroid, but spirulina’s nutrient profile makes it a better option than the rest; and the affordability is an enticing aspect.

5. High Chlorophyll Content

Any plant, fruit, or vegetable that is naturally green contains chlorophyll, which helps to balance your body’s acidity. In case you didn’t know, having an alkaline body can reduce your risk of inflammation and acidosis. Chlorophyll also helps to cleanse the digestive tract and it nourishes the body on a cellular level. Did you know that chlorophyll cells are nearly identical to human cells? That may suggest that plants may be able to power your cells.



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