Toxic Beauty

Toxic Beauty

From time to time, receives inquiries from women about detoxifying and cleansing their bodies, but who are reluctant to do so because of fears of losing weight, especially losing weight in their breasts and buttocks.

Advantages of Detoxification

When you detoxify and cleanse the body naturally with herbs, the body knows all the areas that really need a strong emphasis on cleansing and for many women, it will usually be the butt.

If anything, a woman will come out having more tone, shape and definition to her butt. Detoxifying/cleansing can work wonders for many women. Some women were already attractive and physically blessed, but detoxifying refined their shape and figure.

It makes no sense for a person to want to remain toxic and sick for external, vain, and superficial reasons. Remember that beauty is only skin deep.

Social Pressure to Be Toxic

This is not to say a woman/girl should not want to look pretty, beautiful, or attractive. In reality, most women and girls are naturally pretty and beautiful and the sad thing is that many of them don’t know it.

It’s not the average female’s fault for thinking like this. They are bombarded by media and marketing designed to cause women to doubt themselves. As a result, they feel unattractive, which leads to low self-esteem.

Just remember, you can’t fool Mother Nature! A lot of externally beautiful and attractive women are quite toxic on the inside. They look great, but may be plagued with fibroid tumors, genital herpes, endometriosis, odoriferous vaginal discharge, vaginitis, ovarian and uterine cysts, polycystic breasts and breast tumors, irregular menstrual cycles and a plethora of other female reproductive diseases and disorders.

True Beauty

True beauty entails health, externally as well as internally. True beauty is inside out, not outside in. A naturally healthy woman or girl automatically becomes beautiful, if she’s not already. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. Spiritual beauty often leads to physical beauty.

It is one thing to be beautiful and another thing to be beautiful and healthy. It is a very vain, superficial, and foolish female who wants to keep her big butt and breasts at the expense of her health and life.

It is a woman’s feminine essence and grace and spirit, first and foremost, that makes her beautiful.

Thank you for reading.

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