Using Burdock Oil Could Help Promote Hair Growth

Using Burdock Oil Could Help Promote Hair Growth

For most men, hair loss is an inevitable part of life. It can cause self-esteem issues, especially if the person is constantly worrying about his/her outward appearance. Most men resort to chemically filled or toxic products that can have negative long-term effects on their health. Since herbal remedies have been on the rise, it is worth exploring options like burdock root oil to encourage hair growth.

Before you just start lathering any natural remedy on your scalp, it is important to determine the cause of hair loss. Most of the time, hair loss is the result of aging, but underlying health problems can also be the cause. Once the root of the problem is determined, try reaping the awesome benefits of burdock oil.

What is Burdock Oil?

Extracted from the leaves of the burdock plant, burdock oil has been used as a traditional remedy in many cultures for a long time. In fact, Native Americans used it as a natural diuretic and a blood-purifying agent. In the modern world of alternative remedies, burdock oil has been used to promote hair growth. Because of its popular use, it has taken on many names. Burdock oil, burdock root oil, or burdock plant extract are all derived from the same source.

How To Use Burdock Oil

When it comes to hair loss or thinning hair, the problem is usually the roots. Because burdock oil is rich in vitamin A and essential fatty acids, the best way to reap its benefits is by massaging the oil onto your scalp. Focus on the problem areas and don’t be afraid to really get in there, but don’t pull out your hair in the process. Apply the oil every 2-3 days and massage for 10 minutes at a time. Don’t wash the oil out afterwards. Leave it in until you shower. Use it consistently for about 2 months to see better results.



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