Healthy Dips And Apps To Make For The Big Game

Healthy Dips And Apps To Make For The Big Game

For many Americans, the predominant feasting days are Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl, also known as the big game, is not just an ordinary watch party to cheer on football teams. It is a day to enjoy everyone’s favorite snacks, comfort foods, and drinks. The spread is almost more important than the game, commercials, and halftime show. 

Super Bowl Statistics

During Super Bowl Sunday, an estimated 48 million Americans order take out. 60% of those take out orders are pizza, which is partially attributed to all the advertisements. Plus, pizza is an easy entree that can feed a lot of people. In addition to pizza, chicken wings and chips and dips are the most popularly ordered foods. Did you know that an estimated 1.25 billion chicken wings are eaten during Super Bowl Weekend? That equates to nearly 162.5 million pounds of chicken, proving that this weekend is responsible for 7% of chicken sales for the year. 

Food and beverages account for the majority of spending on the game. Total spending on food, drinks, apparel, and decorations for the 2024 game is expected to reach $17.3 billion, which equates to $86.04 per person. An analytics survey found that a record 200.5 million U.S. adults plan to watch the big game. The game is important to 44% of viewers, with the halftime show being most important to 19% of viewers. Commercials interest 18% of viewers, and some people bet more on commercials than the actual game!

If you want to take a different approach to your game day spread, we’ve got some great recipes for you. The following appetizers and dips may not even make it past the first half! That’s how good they are! Let us know which ones you end up making on game day in the comments. 

Tomatillo Salsa Verde

If you have extra tomatillos, the best thing to do is transform them into a tangy and slightly spicy salsa verde. Once you make your salsa, grab your favorite chips and get ready to dip. Just be warned that this salsa packs a little heat!

Click here to make the recipe. 

The Best Guacamole

Can you have a game day spread without guacamole? When you make authentic guac, you will never go back to the way you used to make it. This dip is the best guacamole ever, and we hope you agree!

Click here to make the recipe.

Raw Vegan Pineapple Salsa

Not only does the presentation of this salsa look amazing, but it also impresses your taste buds! This salsa is juicy, refreshing, and the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. It’s definitely a dip that you’ll save in your recipe book.

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Vegan Potato Salad With A Mustard Dressing

This recipe is just as appropriate at a family dinner or potluck as it is on your game day food table. This vegan potato salad is slightly tangy and herbaceous, making it the perfect side dish to accompany the game. 

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Grilled Sweet Potatoes

If you love sweet potato fries, stop what you are doing and make this recipe before the other ones in this article. This recipe is perfect if the weather permits, because you don’t want to stand out in the cold or snow just to grill some fries. 

Click here to make the recipe. 

Crispy Air Fryer Kale Chips

Churn out a batch of crispy kale chips in a matter of minutes! They are simply seasoned and a great alternative to unhealthy chips. They are especially great if you want to reduce your caloric intake on game day.

Click here to make the recipe. 

Crispy Baked Avocados With A Chipotle Dip

We saved the best recipe for last! We love guacamole, but sometimes you need a break from that tasty dip. Instead, do something incredibly unique with avocados. This may be your new favorite appetizer or healthy snack. You’re welcome.

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