How The Full Body Cleanse Can Help You Lose The Quarantine 15

How The Full Body Cleanse Can Help You Lose The Quarantine 15

What happens when you stay at home all day, surrounded by food, with nowhere to go? You gain weight, plain and simple, especially if you aren’t engaging in at-home workouts. The coronavirus affected the global population, from both health and economic standpoints. On top of the rising number of COVID-19 cases, one thing holds true: the quarantine 15 is no joke.

What Is The Quarantine 15?

The quarantine 15 is based off the fabled freshman 15, which explains the 15-pound weight gain during a person’s first year of college. The classic college caffeteria has buffet style meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but this has changed in most colleges to limit food waste. This bountiful spread of never-ending food causes people to gain weight, and the same thing happened to people, who were instructed to stay home for months as a result of COVID-19. For most countries and states, quarantine is over, but those 15 pounds have not gone anywhere.

Why Did COVID-19 Lead To Weight Gain?

One of the primary factors that contributed to weight gain during safer-at-home orders was the lack of routine. A high percentage of people could not work, and sleep schedules, diet, daily routine, and exercise regimens came to a halt. Others evolved with the changing times, but the ease and comfort of being at home contributed to some “COVID curves.” Additionally, the stress and panic surrounding COVID-19 led to unhealthy eating habits. The panic buying of non-perishable foods, which are inherently unhealthy, created poor eating habits as well.

How The Full Body Cleanse Can Help

Unlike other cleanse programs that only address the colon and give the user the illusion of cleansing, the Full Body Cleanse targets all the primary organs and systems in the body. The herbal supplements work to cleanse these areas of the body, while simultaneously providing them with much needed nourishment. The average American accumulates a lot of toxins via diet, and these toxins can impair the proper function of the body’s organs and systems. This can lead to waste accumulation, which contributes to weight gain. If you aren’t eliminating waste, you’re gaining weight!

Routine Is Paramount For Weight Loss

COVID-19 generated the perfect storm for people who already struggled with weight loss. Gyms closed, work from home became the norm, parks closed, and the fear of going outside got in the way of regular exercise habits. For those with children, parenting and schooling from home drained out your energy. With no fuel left in the tank to care for yourself, it’s easy to see why the quarantine 15 became a real thing.

The Full Body Cleanse provides you with the necessary routine that can help you hit the reset button on your health. By focusing on a plethora of raw fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts and seeds, you eliminate all the unhealthy treats and foods that contribute to weight gain. Combine this nourishing diet with the 100% plant-based herbal supplements and that accumulated waste begins to leave the body.

When Can You See Results?

This varies from person to person, but most people feel the difference within the first week of cleansing. When you start feeling better, lighter, more energetic, and healthier, you want to continue on that path. Yes, the Full Body Cleanse differs from what most people are familiar with, but a drastic change is necessary to open your eyes to the mistakes that led you to gaining weight.

It’s time to say goodbye to those “COVID curves” and get your body in a healthier state. If you do the Full Body Cleanse, tag us on social media in your transformation pictures so that we can see your results! Dherbs is a family and we want everyone to succeed and be healthy!

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