How To Build Your Own Successful Detox Waters

How To Build Your Own Successful Detox Waters

Sometimes you go into a restaurant or hotel lobby and find a water dispenser with fruit or herbs in it. You take a glass, fill it up, taste it, and realize that it’s the best water you’ve ever had in your entire life. You go back for another glass, wanting to quickly relive that refreshing, herbaceous, fruity flavor that makes you feel like you are on a beach in the tropics. You just drank some detox water, friend.

You don’t have to visit fancy restaurants to savor this elegant beverage ever again because we are going to teach you how to make the perfect detox waters. Whenever you crave some cumber, lime, & mint water, you’ll be able to indulge and refresh your palate. Not only is creating a detox water one of the easiest things you’ll ever do, it is also a great way to obtain a variety of nutrients that can boost the metabolism.

Detox waters are a great way to encourage hydration. Because water is needed for pretty much every function in the body, it is necessary to stay sufficiently hydrated. Water helps to flush toxins from the body, boost cognitive function, and it is necessary for a healthy digestive system.

Our Detox Water Advice

Don’t use condensed fruit juices, bottled juices, sugar, or sugar substitutes. These items will negate all the benefits you think you are going to get from drinking filtered water with fresh fruit, herbs, and spices. The ingredients in one detox water or pitcher will stay good for one day. After the day is over, get rid of the ingredients. Finally, use a glass pitcher, jar, cup, or vessel for your detox water. Certain compounds in fruit can cause BPA to leak into the water, which is why glass is best. Check out the recipes and infographic (below) to learn how to build your own detox waters.

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