How To Get Rid Of Gas Quickly

How To Get Rid Of Gas Quickly

Gas that gets trapped in the intestines can be quite painful. Oftentimes, gas can cause swelling, tightness, sharp pains, cramping, and even bloating. According to several surveys, people pass gas between 13 and 21 times per day. When there is no way for gas to escape, diarrhea or constipation may be to blame. Should you need quick relief, continue reading to learn how to get rid of gas quickly

What Is Gas?

Intestinal gas, which forms in the digestive system, is a mixture of vapors, including carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane, nitrogen, and hydrogen. When these vapors mix with intestinal bacteria, an unpleasant odor develops. Intestinal gas is a fact of life, as it naturally results as the body digests food. The small intestine lacks the enzymes necessary to digest and absorb carbohydrates in sweet, starchy, and fibrous foods. As the undigested food passes into the large intestine, harmless bacteria break down food and form hydrogen and carbon dioxide gasses. Some intestinal bacteria produce methane gas as well. It is this digestive process that causes flatulence. 

Burping and flatulating are two ways that the body eliminates gas. Experts say that the average person produces one to four quarts of gas every day. That explains passing gas 13-21 times per day. Some people don’t have an issue with gas, but it can become a problem if it doesn’t go away. If you regularly experience pain because of gas, then something more serious may be going on with your body.

To Get Rid Of Gas And Bloating Take Some Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a safe and effective natural remedy to help relieve bloating and gas. This type of charcoal is safe for human consumption, and it’s often the first thing given after the stomach is pumped in hospitals. After swallowing the charcoal, it works to draw gasses into itself. This helps the body naturally flush out gas and reduce bloating. Additionally, it may help remove any irritants that exist within the digestive tract. 

Empty Your Bowels

If you need to go, go. There is no sense in holding it in because you aren’t in the comfort of your own home. Having a bowel movement helps relieve you of gas or stomach discomfort in two ways. It activates the muscles in the large intestine, which encourages the elimination of gas. Additionally a bowel movement empties the rectum of stored stool, freeing up the area to allow trapped gas to escape. 

To Get Rid Of Trapped Gas Move Your Body

According to one study, gentle exercise helps to relieve gas pain or bloating. Walking is the easiest form of exercise and you can do it anytime, anywhere. Although it seems simple, walking works to relax the muscles in the abdomen. Upon relaxation, the muscles can help trapped gas escape. Yoga is another accessible and easy option to help get rid of gas quickly. Several poses, including happy baby and child’s pose, may be very effective at moving gas through the intestines. 

Apply A Heat Pack

Heat is naturally soothing and experts commonly recommend a heat pack to ease an upset stomach. Many studies confirm that heat naturally relaxes muscles, so applying it to the stomach helps relax the ones in the gut. By relaxing the muscles with a heating pad, hot water bottle, or even hot bath, you help gas escape. If you use a heating pad or hot water bottle, place a towel or clothing item between your bare skin and the heat source. You don’t want to burn your skin!

Try Some Herbal Remedies

One method that may provide quick relief is chewing fennel seeds. These seeds have the ability to relieve intestinal gas, but don’t chew more than one teaspoon. Keep in mind that you may want to choose a different remedy if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as there is mixed information about the safety of these women eating fennel seeds. You can also drink peppermint and chamomile teas, both of which are carminatives. That means that they calm the stomach and help get rid of gas quickly. If gas results from indigestion, chew on some ginger or drink ginger tea to accelerate metabolism and improve digestion. 



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