How To Have A Raw Vegan Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is going to be a different celebration this year. That doesn’t mean we are giving up on flavor, though! In honor of Cinco de Mayo, which commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla, we will provide you with an array of raw vegan, Mexican-inspired recipes. Since you can’t go out to celebrate this year, bring the party and the flavor indoors!

For all of the raw vegan newbies out there, you can make a variety of healthy, Mexican-inspired dishes, some of which are raw to begin with. People who are new to the raw vegan diet think that they can’t enjoy certain foods, when in reality they just have to rethink what they know about food. Through these dishes, we hope to inspire you all to create wonderful dishes on Cinco de Mayo. If you make some of the following dishes, let us know how you liked them in the comments below.

Chili Powder Cucumber Snack:


The most important thing to remember about fruit and vegetable snacks is that you shouldn’t be afraid to season them. Turn up the heat, refresh your palate, and snack spicily.

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Pico de Gallo Salsa:

Did you know that this classic salsa recipe is already cleanse approved? Get to chopping because this dip is great to have for Cinco de Mayo

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Raw Walnut “Meat” Tacos:

These tacos come together quickly for a light, healthy dish. Tacos are the perfect social food, so assemble the tacos and dig in.

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Raw Marinated Mushroom “Meat” Tacos:

Get a healthy dose of vitamin D when you make these mushroom tacos for dinner. You’ll be so content and you won’t believe it isn’t meat!

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Avocado Lime Ice Cream:

If you want a zesty dessert, then you have just stumbled onto a great recipe. The avocados give this the texture of real ice cream too!

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