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How To Optimize Immune Response With Natural Agents

We are living in strange and uncertain times and your number one priority should be improving overall health. The second area of focus is optimizing immune function, including improving immune defense to resist infection. Because the body can be exposed to various germs, toxins, or harmful threats on a daily basis, the immune system is constantly at work to keep you as healthy as possible. During these times, the best way to do that is through immune system regulation.

What Is The Immune System?

The main function of the immune system is to defend the body against infection from harmful microbes and pathogens, provide round the clock surveillance of malignant cell growth, and to clear damaged tissues. If that wasn’t enough work, the immune system also develops tolerance to avoid unwanted response to healthy tissues of both foreign substances and the self. There are hereditary, environmental, lifestyle, and nutritional factors that influence the immune system’s ability to function optimally. All evidence points to the fact that nutrition plays the largest role in healthy immune function.

You Need To Regulate, Not Stimulate:

There’s a lot of talk about boosting the immune system, and this is beneficial in certain instances, but not all infections require an immunity boost. Too much stimulation can result in overreaction, which can turn the immune system against itself. It’s all about balance because a regulated immune system doesn’t overreact or underreact. This concept of regulation also applies to the rest of your body, including regulating stress, emotions, panic, and fear, all of which can impair immune function and make you more susceptible to developing infections. Luckily, you can easily regulate the body by:

  • Getting plenty of rest (7-8 hours of sleep per night is optimal)
  • Spending time outdoors/in nature (reports show that being in nature helps to naturally reduce stress levels)
  • Meditating daily to calm the mind and body
  • Eating as healthy as you can (this means focusing on plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and legumes)
  • Incorporating movement into daily life (you don’t need to overexert yourself, but moderate exercise helps to decrease stress, boost energy levels, and promote lymphatic drainage)
  • Doing things that help you relax (listening/playing music, taking baths, gardening, or exercising)

What Happens When The Immune System Overreacts?

The immune system’s job is to detect harmful threats (viruses and bacteria) that the body encounters. When it encounters these threats, an alarm system goes off and one of the primary alarm proteins is known as galectin-3 (Gal-3). This protein urges other immune cells to respond and sets off immune reactions like inflammation, a necessary response. Gal-3 can go into overdrive, however, and cause an excessive inflammatory response, which can lead to a cytokine storm. This can be dangerous, especially for people with respiratory infections, because the lungs can become overly inflamed.

How To Regulate The Immune System:

For centuries, traditional Asian medicine has used medicinal mushrooms for their ability to reduce inflammation and adjust the immune system. These mushrooms (maitake, shiitake, cordyceps, coriolus, tremella, umbellatus, and reishi) are adaptogenic, which means they adapt to immediate circumstance to survive. This quality is beneficial for immune system regulation. Medicinal mushrooms also contain antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties, but you can’t just rely on mushrooms to regulate the immune system. You need other immune-regulating herbs with powerful antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Herbs With Antiviral Properties:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Star Anise
  • Licorice
  • Honokiol

Herbs With Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

  • Turmeric
  • Ashwagandha
  • Ginger
  • Honokiol

Herbs For Immune System Regulation:

  • Astragalus
  • Artemisia
  • Eleutherococcus
  • Ashwagandha

All of the aforementioned herbs are essential tools to have in your antiviral toolkit. In your journey to a healthier immune system, always remember that regulation is key. Too much overreaction can harm the body and lead to dangerous cytokine storms. Refer back to these herbs if you ever feel that your immunity is not properly regulated.




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  • Q: While I know by experience that herbs can have a healing effect, You say that clearly, "Sarcoidosis affects the glands", the inner and outer skin, and the lymphatic system. Sarcoidosis is a degenerative disease, and is therefore due to improper diet. You don't mention at any stage that it is an auto immune disease. To say that diet alone can cause one's immune system to attack the body, and major organs (which you don't mention anywhere) seems very simplistic. I may be wrong, but I hope you are not just raising hopes for all the sufferers out there. My sister has sarcoidosis.


    Beloved, why would I want to in futile and falsely raise innocent people's hopes and create bad karma for myself? I'm not one of the unscrupulous Christian ministers who do such, Beloved. I'm a wise natural healer. I have no incentive in raising false hopes. Life is not joke nor is suffering! Sarcoidoisis is a PREVENTABLE and REVERSIBLE disease which means it is diet related. A disease is preventable because eating wrong foods can be prevented. A disease is reversible because poor diet is reversible. Research the medical term "degenerative disease" and you'll understand where I'm coming from. I'm not one to embrace auto-immune disease because when the body turns on itself that's not natural. The person did something to make their body attack itself. People invite disease, Ma'am via WRONG DIET, WRONG THOUGHTS, WRONG ACTIONS, etc. If she was born with sarcoidosis, she picked up in life, a life that she led pursuant to her own free will. I say again: YOU CAN heal from any disease! If you believe you can, you can. If you believe you can't, you can't! It IS that simple! Jesus (not that you may be a Christian, I'm just quoting) stated: If thou canst belive, all things are possible to him that believeth!

  • Q: Good Day to you. July 07, I was diagnosed with having the auto-immune disease Myasthenia Gravis. Since then I have had several hospital stays, including a surgery to remove my Thymus Gland...(beleif that this was one cause)and taking many medications, one of which suppresses my immune system, the others include steroids which have terrible side effects...etc. My latest hospital stay, I was placed on the vent and intubated, because of the Myasthenia and an infection that my body couldn't fight off (suppressed immune system) that further complicated the MG restricting my respiratory system. That was a truly scary and painful experience. I am only 32 and I have been searching for a more natural approach to eradicating this Dis-Ease of the body which they say there is no cure. My thoughts are, they are not looking for cures...if they did, that would mean the pharmaceutical companies no longer have reason to continue to poison and make dependent on them those whom they make the medications...which eventually cause other problems...meaning they don't make money if cures are found. The continuous pill taking and side effects are causing more problems than the original diagnosis. Please let me know if any of your products are a possible answer to my prayers. I am desperately seeking...in addition to keeping the faith and staying strong in prayer, a more natural approach to dealing with MG and taking care of my body, the temple of which the creator has kept alive in spite of this potentially dangerous ailment. Thank you in advance for your time.


    You didn't have to have your thymus gland removed. This gland is the seat of the immune system so the doctors removed your natural defense and then gave you toxins which are really exacerbating your situation. I recommend that you perform the FULL BODY DETOX and after performing, take a daily regimen of RAINFOREST TONIC, IMMUNE BOOSTER EXTRACT, KHEMETIAN GOLD, ACTIVATED CHARCOAL and ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD. You can overcome your present health crisis! Just stay strong, focused (on your healing), and POSITIVE! Every problem including with health is an opportunity!!!!!!

  • Q: I'm hpv positive, could you recommend some of your products to keep my immune system strong, I have been feeling tired and sick often with a cold.


    First, perform the FULL BODY DETOX. Next, perform the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. Please read our â€HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS (HPV)†article. You can heal from HPV, Beloved!

  • Q: My Daugter is suffereing from Autoimmune, is there any kit that can she take? The main issue is the Lymphocyte number is above normal (48%). She is Diabetic because of the Autoimmune, her Lymphocyte number was almost 10 times the normal range during the attack. We have tried some detoxing, like dandelion and others. Is there any formula that could Cleanse the Immune system and help the immune system to become normal.


    Yes, by all means there is a Dherbs formula for the child, the Children's Detox (which is in liquid form)!

    Product Links:
    Children Detox

  • Q: My cat is currently having a hypersensitive reaction to canned food that I purchased from Whole Foods. It contained fish and I think it has upset my cat's stomach. Will your Cat and Dog Immune Booster Formula help stabilize his upset stomach? He responds well to the antibiotic from the vet however if I can give him something all natural to help his entire immune system then he and I won't have to go through the stress of going to the vet.


    I say give your cat something natural to stablize the upset stomach. Immune Booster will greatly help your cat. Or, you could give your cat Electric Greens Cell Food (open up a few capsules) and the alkalinity from this formula will serve as an antacid.

  • Q: What products will assist me with getting a higher T-cell and a healthier immune system in my fight against HIV/aids?


    Read this article: â€AIDS/HIV†Products that will help you: Electric Greens Cell Food, Vitamin C, Immune Support, and Rainforest Tonic.

  • Q: Hello, I am going to Africa next month and I want something to build my immune system before I go. I also need to perform a cleanse before I start using the immune builder. What products do you recommend and why. How soon will I be able to get the suggested products?


    Perform the FULL BODY DETOX and then take our IMMUNE SUPPORT formula and RAINFOREST TONIC TEA. Why? Well, just read the descriptions of these products and you'll be greatly convinced based upon their activity on and in the body.

  • Q: I was wondering if either the Ant-Viral formula or Immune Support formulas would adversely affect beneficial flora and is it recommended to take probiotics while taking either of these formulas. Also, how would you rate the taste of the Anti-Viral tea? Is it absolutely awful with those listed ingredients or is there any stevia added?


    None of our products (nor anything natural) will adversely affect beneficial flora in the body. You do not have to take probiotics while taking any of our formulas. In re the taste of our teas, they are pretty well-tasting considering we use Stevia in all of our teas. Hey, try it yourself and see for yourself.

  • Q: My 18 month old has sickle cell anemia. What do you suggest to help keep her immune system fortified? She is currently taking daily doses of penicillin (2 tsp), 10 mg folic acid 1000 mg vitamin C, 1/4 tsp B12. I'm doing everything I can to keep her healthy and strong. What else can I do?


    Read our â€SICKLE CELL ANEMIA CRISIS†article for solutions (located under ARTICLES). If you need additional help after reading this article, e-mail us again.

  • Q: I am prone to yeast infections, from mild to heavy, even sex... My doctor said that before and after periods, my immune system gets a little off balance and that?s how I get them....How do I stop them? Also, since I was a kid, I've always had a horrific gas problem, pains get so intense that I?m on the floor in tears...it never goes away no matter what I eat....any cure out there?


    Yeast infections can often result from excessive SUGAR in the diet and imbalance of flora (bacteria). We recommend you perform the Full Body Cleanse, followed by our Female Cleanse.

    As a maintenance regimen after the cleanses above, we suggest you take 3 capsules daily of Candida Normalizer, Sugar Control, and Bowel Motion.

  • Q: My daughter is 2 years old and I am trying to help prevent her from having bad colds or colds at all. She is going to a daycare facility while I work and I know she is being exposed to a lot of other germs. What can I give her to help her immune system?


    You could give her CHILDREN'S ELIXIR EXTRACT and/or IMMUNE BOOSTER EXTRACT! A healthy diet is the best thing though! And try not to worry about germs. They are so overrated. Just think positive - think the best and you will attract it!

  • Q: I absolutely felt great, while I was taking the FULL BODY DETOX and the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. Where can I get the ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD? Can I order them from you? What herbs should I take on a daily basis to keep my immune system strong and blood clean? What do you suggest? I am still waiting on my doctor to call me with my results after the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN and 5 working days has passed and I have not heard anything yet?



  • Q: I have 3 questions: 1st what is good for ulcers 2nd my mom is 70yrs old and i want her to start taking supplements she has HBP & diabetes she is in good health and gets around well. 3rd my best friend has cancer in his liver he had chemo but it did not work we want to rebuild his immune system. What is good without hurting him more and can you tell me what he needs to do to get better thanks


    1. Ulcers: give ULCUS BUSTER a try! Have her drink aloe vera juice (a cup) per day. Read our â€ULCERS†article on our site under ARTICLES. 2. For HBP: have her perform the FULL BODY DETOX. Read our HBP article too! For Diabtes, have her perform the PANCREAS CLEANSE AND REGIMEN . Also, read the â€DIABETES†article. 3. Read the â€CANCER: CAUSES AND REMEDIES†article! Have the friend DETOX TEA and drink RAINFOREST TONIC TEA simulataneously.

  • Q: I would like to know what is I can take for my sinuses I have very bad problems with them, and there are not many over the counter medications that I can take cause I no longer have a thyroid gland. I would like to know what I can take to help lose a little weight, as well as what is that I can take to help me get pregnant, and I would need to know what I can take that will not hurt me being that I no longer have that thyroid gland in my body and I need a product to help improve my immune system... I have other questions but I would rather ask you them myself.


    We suggest you take SINUS FORMULA, MUCUS FORMULA, IMMUNE EXTRACT,  and THYROID FORMULA. These will greatly help you.

    Also, consider performing the Full Body Cleanse.  You should do this kit before taking the 4 individual formulas. The Full Body Cleanse can aid your entire system and greatly improve their function.

  • Q: I was recently diagnosed with having high-risk HPV one month ago. I also was diagnosed with lupus about two years ago. I do not take any medicine for the lupus. I am very interested in boosting my immune system with the anti-viral kit, however I am unable to swallow pills. Can the capsules be opened and taken with food or liquid? if so, will the effect be the same?


    Yes, you can open the capsules and the results will be the same.

  • Q: My brother was diagnosed with HIV some years ago; now he has full blown AIDS. He is very weak now and has stopped taking the medication that he was given on many times now there are not too many more things that they can give him what do you suggest that he take to build his immune system up I told him that he needs to detox. What should he do first? Should he do the blood cleaning first or the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN first or the FULL BODY DETOX first please help me help him he will be calling you for a phone consultation.


    First, please read the â€AIDS AND HIV†article on our site. Knowledge is very important in healing and solutions. Product-wise, please start him out first with the FULL BODY DETOX Cleanse followed by the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. Perform these for starters and contact us again after he completes these two kits. Kudos to him for stopping the medication that is sure to have killed him by blowing out his immune system and destroying his liver.

  • Q: Mr. Herbalist I read the whole article on "GENITAL HERPES" and I must say I feel a lot better and really do understand what you are trying to say. One question I have to ask, if I want to heal myself of the herpes virus do I get the FULL BODY DETOX and ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN or do I get the recommended formulas that I saw under Herpes, which are BLOOD AND LYMPHATIC FORMULA , ANTI-VIRAL FORMULA, IMMUNE SUPPORT, and STRESS-BUSTER INSPIRANT. I like how you think and I know that?



  • Q: I think this way is easier and faster to have your response. I currently have many skin problems. I first started having body rash and eczema around my lips. When the skin gets dry, it hurts, and I've been trying to moisturize the skin with using all natural Burt's Bees andor Hugo natural lotion, cream or oil. I tried sea salt soak and been taking Sen-Fen, Blood formula, Immune support, Anti-Viral, but it's not working and the symptoms haven't gotten better at all. My entire body is really itchy from rash, so I haven't been able to sleep well for the past 2-3 weeks. If you have any suggestions for life style, special drinks and foods or products I can use, please let me know asap.


    Greetings! You skin problems are explained in the article "SKIN DISORDER = BLOOD DISORDER" which I suggest you read. (visit articles section). When there's no physical healing, check the mind. Check out the NEW MENTAL SCIENCE MANUAL and there is a chapter in there on using the mind to heal. Basically you are focusing too much on the problem and not the solution which is optimal health and well-being. You are telling yourself how you don't want these problems and by saying this subconsciously, you are keeping the problems. Have your permanently switched or changed your diet? If not, what are you waiting for? Your blood is begging to be purified. Herbs alone won't get the job done. Let go of worrying about the problem. Focus on enjoying life, getting back in balance and you will begin to heal!

  • Q: Can you tell me what to give my 5 year old twins daughters and 3 year old son to help support their immune system? I don't immunize them, but want to make sure that their resistance is built up. Thanks so much and continued success. I did not know that you were so funny!!! Thank you for your words, Beloved! Much obliged! Greatly!


    I would say to put your children on the RAINFOREST TONIC TEA, letting them drink one cup per day. The VITAMIN C FORMULA is something I would also suggest for your children's immune system as well. Peace and Love! I appreciate you very much, Beloved!

  • Q: Please tell me which products will help my 11 yr old son eliminate or aid in his healing of this horrible disease (Allergic Fungal Sinusitis). He was taking allergy shots once a week for a year. He is allergic to everything...grass, trees; dustmites, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs. He now drinks rice milk and I order food online at ener_g foods such as breads, cookies etc that are made without all the things he is allergic to. I want to boost his immune system to help fight this disease. He is on a strict diet and I would love you input on how to help him.


    Clearly he's toxic! Clean his body out and the problem will go away. Try CHILDREN DETOX (liquid extracts) . Let him drink warm water and lemon juice (from fresh squeezed lemon) every day. Let him drink herbal tea of Mullein leaf and/or Eucalyptus. When he is bathing, drop in 6-8 drops of essential oil of Eucalyptus per bath and add 1 box of sea salt to every bath. Let him soak for 45 minutes or so. He can heal from this problem!