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How To Properly Store Produce To Keep It Fresh

There is nothing more frustrating than buying produce and having it spoil a few days later. You got so excited about the peaches, kale, or whatever produce item tickled your fancy and it spoiled. Sometimes produce can go bad before you get the chance to use it! We have a natural tendency to blame the supermarket or vendor at a farmer’s market for selling us spoiled produce. Contrary to popular belief, all fruit and veggies are not meant to be stored in the refrigerator.


Believe it or not, not all produce is supposed to stay fresh for two weeks, or until you are ready to use it. While potatoes, onion, garlic, and some squash can keep well for that long, most produce will not. This is why it is important to store your food properly, so that it makes it to your plate before rotting. Not only can storing food properly keep it fresher for longer, but it can also make it taste better.


Here’s a tip: keep refrigerated produce in the fridge and keep other produce items out of the fridge. That’s the basic tip, but it goes beyond that. Produce items such as apples, apricots, plums, figs, honeydew, broccoli, lettuce, bell peppers, spinach, or watermelons should be stored in the refrigerator, but not necessarily all together in the same drawer. Certain fruits and vegetables release gasses and can make other produce items go bad. For example, spinach may wilt quickly if it is next to figs.


Refrigerate These Gas-releasing Items:







Don’t Refrigerate These Gas-releasing Items:









Keep These Items Away from Gas-releasing Items:

Ripe Bananas


Brussels Sprouts

Lettuce and other leafy greens
Sweet potatoes


The gas that is released from the produce items is called ethylene, which is a ripening agent that can also speed up the decaying process of other foods. Keep the gas-releasing produce items separate from other produce items. Once more, do not refrigerate potatoes, onion, garlic, or winter squash. Keep these items separated from each other in dark, cool areas. Do your potatoes tend to sprout quickly? This is because you may put them next to your onions. The above list of produce that should not be refrigerated should be kept in cold, dark areas. Dark and cold areas are crucial. If the dark areas you store your produce in are still hot, the food will go bad.


The best way to store herbs is by cutting of the ends and storing them in a jar of water like you would a bouquet of flowers. You can cover the tops with a plastic bag or damp paper towel. You can also wrap your herb bundle in a damp paper towel if you don’t have room for the jars in your fridge.


The fruits and veggies that can be refrigerated together can be stored in plastic or paper bags. Storing them in this way can keep them fresh. It is not recommended to wash your produce before refrigerating it, unless you buy lettuce, which has dirt on it, from the farmer’s market. After rinsing the leaves, pat them dry with paper towels and place it in a plastic bag in the fridge.


Produce can last longer and taste better if you store it right. This can be extremely useful if you are buying lots of produce while you’re on a cleanse. Use this information to have better tasting, fresher produce.







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    Q: Thank you for always answering my questions. I have about two more. Okay, I'm currently living overseas where I'm limited on raw fresh foods (vegetables and fruits). I want to do the detox but I'm concerned that I won't have everything as far as raw food to be successful. I have access to basics (apples, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, avocados, melons, lettuce, cabbage, bean spouts, carrots, celery, peppers, green beans, peas, bagged nuts,) but nothing exotic by any means. Then I was told to safely eat some of the food in the local economy that we should wash it with a 5% bleach solution (is that safe...and if on the detox I'm thinking that would be a no go). Two questions?Given the mentioned availability of raw foods could I be able to successfully complete the detox (I don't have an issue with eating the same things over and over again) and two what can I do to clean local produce so that its safe for consumption? Apparently part of the issue is that they use human feces to fertilize. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response


    Yes, it seems you have enough raw food available to you to complete the cleanse.

    In order to clean local produce, rinse thoroughly with apple cider vinegar to "disinfect" it. If apple cider vinegar is unavailable, just use water.

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    Q: In the instructions booklet that came with the Full-Body Detox some items were mentioned for use that I am unfamiliar with and have no idea where to find them. Can you help? The items are food grade hydrogen peroxide and/or stabilized oxygen and alkaline water.


    Traders Joe's, Wholefoods or any health food store.

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    Q: I've purchased the items for the acne regimen and was wondering is there any particular order I should use the products. For ex. the OZ OIL. Should I take it orally? Please advise. Continue the good work!


    You can create your own order. It really doesn't matter! OZ OIL can be used internally as well as externally. Thank you for your words! We will keep up the work we are doing! Peace and Love!

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    Q: I am curious as to the effects of using these items, Ephedra, St. Johns Wort, and Yohimbe when prostate cancer is evident? Also, can these same items be used safely while taking Ibuprofen, Mucus Relief, and various vitamins?


    Herbs will not hurt you as they are organic in nature, and there's intelligence involved. These 3 herbs are noble! However, they are not the best herbs for cancer in all honesty. I don't believe in mixing herbs, with drugs because it defeats the purpose.

    I would recommend reading our article on taking medication with herbs.
    Can I Take Medication With My Herbs?

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    Q: Hi, I am trying to find out if I can eat the following items while on my cleanse: - Oatmeal (breakfast) - egg whites - smoothies (can I use Smoothie King or Panet Smoothie or I have to make my own)


    The literature clearly states ONLY RAW FOODS (please see the article "WHAT IS RAW FOODS" in our articles section). You can make your own smoothies or purchase them. Your choice!

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    Q: I have a client that had her thyroid removed, the doctors have her on 3 grains of the natural...well natural for a pig. Thyroid. She couldn't sleep so they put her on ativan. Which is making her crazy (between you and I) She is still not sleeping and feeling agitated and this drug is causing her anxiety. I feel it has built up in her system and she has to dose down off of it. Do you have anything that would help her sleep? I have already suggested your thyroid blend. However, I didn't know if it could really help her as they removed her thyroid. So perhaps she does need the grains, as her body can no longer produce it on her own. I would really like to get her on natural as possible stuff so we can see what is physical and what we can work on energetically. Right now she feels like an energetic mess. Any suggestions?



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    Q: My dog has kidney disease and is ill. The vitamin supplement I use has helped and KD food for kidney. However, he is anemic due to low red blood count hormone in kidney that makes bone marrow produce more red blood cells. I am searching for product to stimulate production of red blood cells soonest.


    Try the CAT AND DOG VITAMIN C-BIOFLAVANOID FORMULA for companion animals.

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    Q: I have white spots over 40 percent on my body and some very dry scaly dark spots on parts of my body. I read some place in one of your articles that with these specific herbs regardless of the skin disorder these herbs will help to reverse the disorder regardless of skin condition. Second I don’t have health insurance so I’m looking to you for help. Please help me. I don’t trust doctors. You go see a doctor for one issue and he prescribes a drug, next thing you know your back with five new problems and more drugs. So is there a combination of herbs for optimum health and well being? Something that will produce excellent health preventing any invader of any kind harming me. Protecting every important organ for optimum health and well being (i.e. colon, heart, lungs, liver). I just want to be 100 percent straight with excellent health


    Detox (FULL BODY DETOX) and then perform the 10-DAY ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD CLEANSE. these kits should reboot your system.

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    Q: Hello I need to know where to purchase the items for bacterial vaginosis with the shea butter and tree tea oil and the other ingredients. What brands should I use? I need this info ASAP.


    We don't sell those items. For bacterial vaginosis we recommend FULL BODY DETOX followed by TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE. Please read our articles on "BACTERIOR VAGINOSIS" in our articles section.

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    Q: I am interested in purchasing a few items in regards with helping me to detox, the complete package purchase is not do-able at the moment due to the overall cost (I think it is like $172.00 with shipping), is there another way of getting started with detoxing with a cheaper price



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    Q: I wish there was an herbal replacement to wean from the Prednisone and Fludrocortisone enabling the Adrenal Glands to again begin to produce the right amount of Cortisol. Prunella and I think Rasberry Leaf are good for genital herpes. Can anything actually remove the antibody from the system.


    I suggest you try our ADRENALIZER FORMULA and KIDNEYS AND BLADDER Formula. In regards to "Genital Herpes" you should read a few our articles on the subject. â€GENITAL HERPES (HSVII)â€, â€IS GENTIAL HERPES REALLY CURABLE?â€? Red Raspberry Leaf is good for herpes, but not a cure all.

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    Q: Not many candy things we can eat, are these items bad to consume? Is it alright eat gummi, made of seaweed?


    Yes! Okay to consume! Look at it, is seaweed animal-derived? Boom, there it is!

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    Q: My 4yr old toy poodle, Cotton, has been given a diagnosis of Addison's dis-ease. I don't take presription medication myself, and would prefer not to give them to my animal companions. If there is a natural product that would provide the support she needs, to produce the cortisol that is one of the causes of this dis-ease. In researching your site I see you recommend the Adrenalizer and Kidney's & Bladder formulas. I did not see any product under the Pet compounds section, so could I give her these formulas? If so, how much and how often?


    Greetings Beloved! You can use these 2 formulas (Adrenalizer, and Kidneys Formula) by opening up 2-3 capsules and meshing the powder in with the dog food, and doing so on a daily basis. I don't blame you for wanting to give your pet medication. It will only hurt the poor animal.

    Thank you for your interest in Dherbs.com!
    "Dherbs.com - Serving the People! So tell 10 friends about us!"

    Product Links:
    Kidneys-Bladder and Adrenal

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    Q: I am a woman have a large uterus fibroid (the ultrasound shows), it's located outside of the wall of my uterus. I do not have the serious symptoms of bleeding or heavy pains, I have 7 days normal monthly cycle, but I am feeling discomfort and soft pain in my abdomen while I am walking or moving and sometimes bloating. Generally I do not have any other health conditioning at the moment. I am a skinny person, my weight is 85 Lb. and my height is 4'10" I want to get out of this problem as soon as I can , is your fibroid shrinking tea or supplement is working for me. Also please tell me who or which manufacture makes these produce and supplements. Are they acceptable by the US health department?


    Please read our "FIBROID TUMORS" articles on our site for remedy and recourse. All herbs will work for you, Beloved. Our products are not approved by government. We manufacture our own products. Educate yourself which you can do by reading through many of our articles on our site.

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    Some crystal distributors can be found under our Community Board section on www.dherbs.com under metaphysics/new age section. Go to dherbs.com, click on "community Board" and then click on "new age/metaphysics."

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    Q: For the last 2 weeks, I've been eating only raw foods. My daily intake mainly consist of snow beans, green beans (string beans), kale, carrots, a small amount butter and crackers, bananas, apples, pears, lettuce, tomatoes, dates, spinach and filtered water. My question is: Am I getting the required nutrients and how would I know if I were not and specifically, how would I know what nutrient was missing. I also take the MALE HORMONAL FORMULA and JACKRABBIT FORMULA (regardless of whether I intend to engage in sexual activity).



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    Q: Hi ... I am interested in finding out what is the difference in the ANTI-VIRAL FORMULA, and the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN? Other than the obvious that it has the other items in it. Is it possible to order the special anti-viral baths separate from the kit? If not ... the kits are a little expensive is there a discount for buying 2 or a coupon I could receive?


    A formula is a single bottle and a kit consists of more than one bottle (usually 6 bottles). For separate bath drops, purchase VIRUS BUSTER DROPS separately. Because our prices are already low, we offer no discounts (other than what we post on the site).

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    Q: I am a 49 year old black female with stage 4 Sarcoidosis with Pulmonary Aspergillosis. I would like to know if there is some type of supplement that will help me with this problem. I had read an article about boiling garlic until it turns into a syrup, but I misplaced the article. Are there items I can purchase at the herb store? I'm taking prescribed lung medicine called voriconazole and inhalers. Can you help me?


    Please read the following article entitled Sarcoidosis, below are some recommendations, there is help for you Beloved!


    Product Link:
    Full Body Detox
    Blood & Lymphatic Formula
    Vitamin C Extract
    Electric Greens Cell Food
    Mucus Buster Formula

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    Q: I am a 38-year-old Black woman, and my husband and I want to have a baby. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which has caused me to be infertile. My egg count is very high, and my husband has a good sperm count. My Fallopian tubes are open. My body just doesn't produce enough progesterone. I have taken two rounds of clomid, and I did ovulate both times; however, I didn't time it correctly, so my husband and I didn't have intercourse at the right time. I would really prefer to pursue a natural route to getting pregnant. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks in advance for your help! Rasheda


    We recommend doing with the Full Body cleanse to detox your body of waste and toxins that often contribute to health ailments like such. In doing the cleanse, you're detoxing all of your major organs giving your body the reset it needs to function properly. Your body is more receptive to healing itself when your overall health is in a better place. Move on to The Female Cleanse to specifically help aid with the conditions of PCOS. After addressing the PCOS you can move on to the Fertility Cleanse to help with conceiving if you're still experiencing difficulties.

    Please take time to read the following article: 

    Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome –


    Product links:

    Full Body Cleanse - http://www.dherbs.com/store/full-body-detox-p-1.html

    The Female Cleanse - http://www.dherbs.com/store/total-woman-cleanse-p-197.html

    Fertility Cleanse - http://www.dherbs.com/store/fertility-cleanse-p-230.html ]

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    Q: I am on my 3rd day of the fully body cleansing. I am definitely doing this to lose weight. I am a 52 year old, black, Christian, wife, mother to 21 and 14 year old girls, legal secretary who is 450 lbs. I am to the point now where if I don't do this I'm going to be housebound. I can barely move some days that is why I started this because I feel so unhealthy. I have a question about the nuts. I got all gun-ho and ordered $135.00 worth of organic nuts from nuts.com. I got raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios and cashews and mixed them all up together (well I purchased 2 lbs of each but I only mixed up 1 lb of each together). Anyway, I was reading about how much calories are in nuts. Should I not pay attention to that because I was consuming a lot of calories in the first place or do I have to watch how many nuts I eat? I have put some nuts in a sandwich bags and basically filled it up and that is supposed to be my nuts ration for the day. I am also eating fruits and vegetables. So far the fruit have been grapes, grapefruit, red apples, pears, green apples and bananas. The vegetables have all been in a salad: tomatoes, celery spinach leaves, carrots, mixed in balsamic vinaigrette. I only ate the salad Monday night all the other times I have just eaten the fruit and nuts. I am also consuming approximately 75-100 oz of water. Sorry I’m long winded I just wanted you to get the entire picture.


    Thanks for the question, I can definitely help you.


    I am currently writing an eBook for www.dherbs.com called "Losing weight the healthy way." I have been a weight loss counselor for many years. I am also a health coach, personal trainer, bodymind nutritionist, and a vegan lifestyle coach. 


    When it comes to weight loss most programs want you to lose weight to get healthy. My mindset is to get healthy and lose weight. 


    In my health/fitness/nutrition coaching program www.theveganeffect.com I use a lowfat/high carb/ high raw/ nutrient dense/ high alkaline diet to achieve long term weight loss success. So far I am 100 percent in getting clients long lasting weight loss. If you are interested in my program please fill out the health history form on the side of the web page. We could have a free 1 hour initial consultation over skype to see how I can best help you.


    Nuts are best kept to a minimum if you use them at all. Nuts are extremely high in fat and have the opposite omega 3- omega 6 ratio that is optimal for health. Seeds are best as far as ratios are concerned. Also nuts are truly easy to over eat and cause your nutrient ratios to be off.


    A healthy vegan diet is a high raw fruitarian diet. 


    Breakfast: green smoothie. (500-1000 calories of fruits blended with a handful of greens and water)

    Bridge: Dates and strawberries (500 calories) 

    Lunch: Salad with low sugar fruits (cucumber, tomato, squash, bell peppers) topped with fruit, beans, psuedo grains, 

    Bridge: 2-3 apples

    Dinner: Raw wraps (collard greens) with low sugar fruit and tahini

    Snack: Sorbet


    Hope this helps

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLC