How To Safely Celebrate Fourth of July During COVID-19

How To Safely Celebrate Fourth of July During COVID-19

We all know that Independence Day is going to be different this year. Some cities have cancelled firework shows and beach access to limit the congregation of the masses. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, large social gatherings, outdoor festivities, and Independence Day block parties and parades are not going to happen. You don’t have to be sad about social distancing and isolating because there are festive ways to celebrate America’s birthday safely.

It’s tricky to navigate your way through the pandemic, especially when it comes to celebrating a classic holiday that brings people together. Some people aren’t worried and want to have cookouts, pool parties, and big beach day gatherings. Others worry about recent businesses that closed in response to rising COVID-19 cases. You can’t force a gathering if people want to act responsibly and be safe, and you shouldn’t shame them for that either. The beauty of modern society is that we have technology to bring us together while we are apart.

Attend A Block Party From Home

Grand Park and the Music Center in Los Angeles, CA puts on an annual block party downtown for the Fourth of July. This year, Angelenos can tune in to the event from home via Grand Park’s website and Facebook page. The entire event will feature comedy sketches, poetry readings, musical performances, and more. You can tune in to Bloomberg Radio or Bloomberg Television to watch the Boston Pops Orchesta performance. Philadelphia, PA will televise a weeklong virtual “Welcome America” festival that features workout sessions, children’s and cultural programming, and a performance by Jason Derulo and Cynthia Erivo to close the celebration at the end of the week.

Celebrate With Food

Your menu doesn’t need to be patriotic, but it doesn’t have to include hotdogs, burgers, and cases of beer either. If you want to be cute and festive, then get some foods that correspond with the patriotic color scheme. Anyone interested in blue corn tortilla chips and red salsa? How about some beet and purple potato chips with a cashew cheese sauce to complete the red, white, and blue color trio? Treat yourself to refreshing summer berries by mixing strawberries and blueberries with coconut whipped cream.

Backyard Festivities For The Win

Most counties allow family/friend gatherings as long as they do not exceed ten people. Get in touch with your decorative side and set up cute individual tables for two so that people can social distance. If you have family over, set up a slip ‘n’ side, kiddie pools, and fill up water balloons to cool off in the heat. Perhaps you can set up outdoor games! Great ones to play include corn hole, horseshoes, and big Jenga.

Celebrate By Yourself

Just because the Fourth of July typically involves large celebrations, don’t feel pressured to show up if you get invited. If you are not ready to occupy a space with others in close quarters, then don’t do it. You can always respond to your friends or family and tell them that you are not ready for gatherings, and that you prefer to wait to meet up. There is nothing wrong with celebrating alone or with your significant other. Only do what you feel comfortable doing.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Zoom culture is a thing now, but it is an amazing tool to bring people together while they are apart. Plan to get together online, show what dishes you are making, and virtually toast to a healthier future. Play some virtual trivia, too!

COVID-19 is still here, so please be safe as you enter Independence Day Weekend. Make sure to keep your distance, practice proper hand hygiene, and don’t forget to wear facial coverings if you are around strangers.