How To Set New Year’s Intentions, Not Resolutions

How To Set New Year’s Intentions, Not Resolutions

Do you want to improve your life and unlock your full potential as you move into 2021? If you answered “yes” to that question, it’s time to get rid of old resolutions and set realistic intentions. Setting unrealistic resolutions destines you for failure, and that’s no way to start the year. Is it not better to be intentional in order to achieve what you desire? 

For the most part, people write checks they can’t cash when the New Year rolls around. The most common resolutions include, “I want to lose weight,” “I want to spend less money,” or “I want to make more time for family.” Can you identify the common denominator between those resolutions? They are all goals. That’s all fine and dandy, but they don’t lay out a plan to achieve them. 

Why Intentions Are Better

Mental health experts agree that intentions set you up for more success because they set up a plan for how to achieve what you want. These how-to guides, so to speak, keep you accountable and focused on what you have to do. Resolutions often keep your gaze on the future, whereas intentions demand that your attention be in the present. You can’t get to the top of the staircase without taking each step, so focus on your intention and you’ll be a lot happier. 

How To Set Intentions

Make A List Of What You Love

It’s hard to make yourself do something that you don’t want to do, which is why you have make note of the things that make you happy. What are the things that give you purpose or bring you joy? Get out a notepad and make a list of these things; it can be long or short. You can also make a list of things that you value most in life. Perhaps you value mindfulness, health, positive relationships, or gardening. You have to start by writing them down because that is the beginning of fulfilling your intentions. 

Avoid Negatives

If you find that you write something down that you really don’t intend to see to fruition, cross it off the list. Negativity is a cruel trap that catches many people, drawing them away from positive intention. Always keep your intentions positive. Sometimes, this can be as easy as adjusting the phrasing. For example, “I don’t want to be afraid of change,” is negative, whereas, “I welcome change into my life” is much more positive. 

Create A Mantra

Develop a phrase or word that encompasses your intentions. This helps to plant the seed of intention in order for it to blossom into what you want. A couple great examples are: “I am compassionate,” “patience,” or “I love myself.” If your intention is to get a new car in the New Year, make your mantra, “I am disciplined with my finances.” Repeat this mantra every day and you’ll be that much closer to seeing your intention through. Ultimately, intentions are about visualization and positivity, and that’s what mantras help with. 

Let It Go

That’s right, folks, Frozen had it right all along. Once you say your mantra every single day, allow it to slip away. The act of saying your mantra plants the seed, but you have to let it go so that your seed can grow. When you hold on to your mantras, it’s like overwatering your seeds, which won’t help them grow. An inability to let things go is, at its core, neediness. Letting your mantra go helps you live more contently and free of doubt. You know exactly how to let things go, and magical things can happen when you let things go. 

Trust The Process

There’s a voice of doubt in all of us, and it always seems to know when to whisper in our ear. Don’t listen to that voice! It’s ultimately telling you that you have to control every single outcome in life, and you simply can’t do that. Relinquishing your power to a force that’s greater helps you fulfill your intention. 



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