How To Use A Jade Roller

How To Use A Jade Roller

What is your favorite part of your facial routine? Is it the hydrating cream, anti-aging serum, your cleansing scrub, or aloe vera mask? Perhaps it is all of the above because treating your skin with the utmost care is of great importance to you. Is a jade roller part of your skin care routine yet? This tool may just be one of natural beauty’s best kept secrets? Does it actually work, though, and how do you use it? We aim to answer these questions in this article. 

What Is A Jade Roller?

This face roller is a small facial massage tool made from jade stone. The belief is that jade has healing properties and it is naturally cool to the touch. In general, massaging your face with the cool stone works to improve circulation, reduce puffiness, and enhance the overall glow of the skin. There are typically two sides to a roller, one being a little larger and the other being smaller. The two rollers exist to target either large or smaller areas of the face and neck. 

Why Is Jade So Special?

Traditionally, jade was prized for its ability to provide balance and relax muscles. Jade symbolizes grace, prosperity, and beauty, and some cultures refer to jade as the stone of eternal youth. And if it seems like jade rolling is not a new practice, you are 100% correct. Historians note that jade face rollers were used in 7th century China to improve circulation and overall health. Additionally, other cultures used jade to detoxify the body, balance chakras, and encourage harmony and prosperity. More importantly, several reports found that jade face rollers enhance lymphatic flow, which helps flush out waste and eliminate puffiness. Read on to learn more about the benefits of jade rolling.

Benefits Of Jade Rolling

Reduce Jaw Tension

The face can hold a lot of tension, especially along the jawline. Focus extra time along the jawline to work out tension, applying a little more pressure near the hinge joints. Digging into those facial muscles is like a mini deep tissue massage that works to loosen them up and reduce tension. 

Lymphatic Drainage

As stated earlier, massaging your face with a jade face roller can promote lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that work to rid the body of toxins, waste, and unwanted materials. Stimulating lymphatic flow and circulation moves lymphatic fluid and helps the body drain it out. In doing so, you may reduce fine lines and wrinkles and potentially improve other skin disorders.

Reduce Puffiness

It is very common to wake up with extra water in your face. As a result, your eyes may appear puffy and have dark circles under them. Whip out the jade face roller because the cool stone may reduce that inflamed puffiness naturally. If you notice puffiness anywhere else on your face, use the roller to help de-puff the affected areas. 

Promote Glowing Skin

Add more glow to your facial skin by gliding the jade roller across your face. Massaging facial skin also increases blood circulation, which helps to enhance overall glow and release tension in the facial muscles. The relaxation works to improve skin elasticity, and your cheekbones may look more defined after continued use. 

How To Use A Jade Roller

Before you get rolling, you have to prep your face. Make sure that you cleanse and moisturize your face prior or else jade rolling will not be as effective. For example, remove any makeup or exfoliant from your face before using a jade roller. After cleansing your face, apply a facial toner to lift impurities out and balance your skin’s pH. Use a tightening eye cream and facial moisturizer and then use the rolling tips below:

  • Using the large roller, start at your collarbone and gently roll up toward your jaw. Stop when you reach your jaw and then move the jade roller over to the next portion of the neck. Repeat until you cover the entire neck area, collarbone to collarbone. 
  • Continue with the large roller and start at the base of your chin. Roll outward and upward toward the bottom of your earlobe. Repeat on the other side and then move the roller higher up on the chin and roll toward your temples. 
  • Place the large roller on one side of your nose near the base and roll out toward your temples. Move the roller one notch up until you roll the entire cheek area, except for directly under the eyes. Make sure to do both sides. 
  • Stick with the large roller to address the forehead area. Begin in the center of your forehead and roll out toward your temples. Repeat a few times on each side, moving up until you are at your hairline. 
  • Use the small side of the roller to address the area above your mouth. Start above your upper lip and roll outward and upward toward your temples. This is the best way to naturally lift your face. 
  • Finally, dress the under eye area with the small side of the roller. Roll from the side of your nose just under the eyes in a delicate motion. Don’t apply too much pressure while you roll this area. With each roll, pull up to the edge of your eyebrow and up to your hairline.

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