Could This Revolutionary Patent Bring Down Monsanto

Could This Revolutionary Patent Bring Down Monsanto

Monsanto’s pesticides are sprayed on crops all over the world. These chemicals are associated with massive decrease in the bee population. Toxins also become airborne and if surrounding residents inhale them, they can develop health conditions. Could that all changed with one man’s patent?

Mycologist (fancy term for a person who studies fungi) Paul Stamens developed a patent in 2006, but it has received very little attention and exposure. The reason for this is because his patent could be “…the most disruptive technology we’ve ever witnessed,” said executives in the pesticide industry. Disruptive means good for the world, but very bad for the pesticide industry.

Paul has harnessed the power of nature to create a SMART pesticide. This natural pesticide is extremely safe and can control over 200,000 species of insects. He is calling it a “magic” mushroom. It keeps insects away from the crops without having to spray nasty chemicals on the crops.

Paul does this by taking entomopathogenic fungi (fungi that destroy insects) and morphing them so they do not produce spores. This attracts the insects and when they eat the fungi, they turn into fungi from the inside out. Pretty cool, right?

We live in a world where chemical pesticides are an integral part to modern agriculture. If you tolerate this, then you tolerate the destruction of the environment. Monsanto is a $16 billion per year business that has unlimited resources. Something that large has the ability to suppress or hide information, which could damage its reputation.

This is why it is important to educate yourself about the benefits of organic, sustainable agriculture and biodynamic farming. And sharing information, like this patent that Paul Stamens invented, only helps shed more light on the alternative possibilities to chemicals, GMOs, and herbicide-sprayed crops.

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