Slow Down

Slow Down

Because of our fast-paced and unnatural lives, many of us just rush along, day in and out, unconsciously operating on survival mode. We’re totally oblivious to many basic human things and happenings, especially pertaining to others that we co-exist with.

There’s a negative way to be selfish and a positive way to be selfish.

Negative Selfishness

The negative way in being selfish is when you operate strictly from the base or lower chakras level, being motivated by fear, gain or greed, control, and ego. This type of selfishness is limited to the Self. You don’t care about others. You’re only preoccupied with Self and it stops there. This is imbalance!

When you’re selfish from the higher chakras level, you are selfish in a sense that you love and value yourself above all others, as love, like charity, begins at home (with self). Basically, self-love, self-charity and self-trust are your major priorities. You know that you are no good to others if you’re not any good to yourself, so you take care of self first and foremost, so that you can help serve and assist others. This type of selfishness is not limited to the Self but is inclusive of all. You’re into Self so as to be of service and benefit to others. You go within (Self) so as to go without (dealing with others).

Our lives are so fast paced that we don’t slow down to meet people. Instead, we’re bumping into people, crashing into people. Our lives, like our society, are fast paced. We exert so much energy for things that take us outside of self-things that desensitize us and make us less human and more robotical.

Many of us pray to God but are dismayed with God because we feel God is not listening to us, but that’s not the case because God or some form of higher self is listening.

The problem is, God is speaking and answering prayers and desires, but we’re too busy caught up in the noise of our concocted world. Therefore we are unable to hear the message God has for us. God is heard in silence, not in the loudness of noise and chaos.

We’re doing too much! We are exerting too much energy just to make ends meet. We are not on Earth just to survive, but to live and thrive. Fast paced living must at some point be balanced with slow paced living. At some point, we must all slow down, be it to rest, to recuperate, to meditate, to reflect, to introspect, to detox our bodies, etc.

Because we are so busy in life and neglecting a basic human side of ourselves, God has to throw a brick at us just to get our attention.

Our attention is needed so we can be reminded of basic human values, to remind us that we are here, alive on this great planet to assist, serve, and support others (while taking care of ourselves and living our own unique existence). But sometimes we have to be hit by a brick, metaphorically speaking of course, to be knocked back into a state of awareness. Be aware that there are people who may need our help or support.

Positive Selfishness

Regardless of what you may have going on in your life, no matter what you’re doing at present, always remember to SLOW DOWN!

Slow down and pay attention to life, the people around you-your family and loved ones, friends, and neighbors. Pay attention to what’s going on in the world as well as your immediate environment. Even in our relationships with our spouses, mates, or partners we can be living so fast paced that we forget about and neglect them. Instead of being lovers we end up as mere roommates, only talking to each other in passing. And some times both partners can be guilty of this at the same time.

Many people are moving fast just to go nowhere or to end up at a dead end. Despite moving slow, the tortoise (or turtle) always gets to the finish line, and always before the fast moving rabbit or hare.

You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself. This is indisputable fact. Set aside time for yourself, and make the time sacred.

If you are balancing kids, work, social commitments, then create the sacred time first thing in the morning when you wake up. Set the clock an hour earlier to meditate, take a walk around the block, practice yoga or listen to calming, spiritual music.

Of course it’s going to be painful in the first few days, but this type of ever-lasting change isn’t easy. It requires the same commitment and dedication as your other obligations.

If you’re in a committed relationship, then you need to create time exclusively for fostering the relationship. Ask your partner to do the same. It’s OK if the kids aren’t involved. Your emotional health is as important as your physical and mental health.

In other words, slow your roll. You’ll enjoy your life, and the people in it, so much more!

Thank you for reading!