Is Your Cellphone Ruining Your Workout?

Is Your Cellphone Ruining Your Workout?

We have computers in our pockets! While some people use smartphones to play music in the gym, others delay their workout by browsing the web, looking at the latest social media posts, checking emails, texting, or even wasting time by playing a game. You might be on an exercise bike in the gym reading this article on your phone right now! What’s your target heart rate? How fast are you pedaling? We need answers!

Psychologists and personal trainers have discovered a serious epidemic amongst gym goers. Smartphones are ruining your workouts. You may think that they aren’t, but they are and we are here to tell you why.

Distraction Is Not Good For Your Workout

There are people in the gym who seem to just live at machines, benches, or squat racks. Whether they are socializing, texting up a storm, taking videos, or snapping gym selfies, they are distracted from their workouts, and that makes them take longer. Additionally, the increased rest time between sets is not conducive to workout efforts, especially if you are trying to gain muscle mass.

Screen Time Is Killing Your Posture

According to Angelo Grinceri, once deemed the “Sexiest Trainer Alive,” hunching forward to look at your phone impairs your posture. In fact, the “texting hunch” flattens the lumbar curve when your head hangs forward. This can lead to neck pain and lower back pain, which can ultimately inhibit your ability to lift correctly. Transitioning from texting to lifting, for example, can even incite the person to replicate that same hunched posture in the exercise. This means that you may not be working out your desired, targeted muscle group.

Next time you workout, try to avoid texting or browsing social media. Another option is to use your smartphone to your advantage. A fitness app can help you stay on a timed, regimented workout, which helps you get the most out of your time in the gym. Don’t let your smartphone get between you and your exercise goals.

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