Kitchen Feng Shui: A Recipe For A Healthy Fridge

Kitchen Feng Shui: A Recipe For A Healthy Fridge

Improving your diet involves maintaining healthy portions, eating the right foods, and avoiding foods that are considered to be unhealthy, i.e. frozen meals or any packaged products. One aspect that is often overlooked is the organization of the refrigerator. A disorganized refrigerator can actually influence what you eat and derail your effort to establish a healthy diet.


According to Feng Shui, the refrigerator represents one’s health and prosperity. Keeping the fridge organized allows positive energy flow for health and abundance. When you store your foods in an unorganized way, food can spoil because it is forgotten about, or the act of looking in the fridge overwhelms you to the point of not eating or eating something unhealthy. Additionally, a fridge with a lot of clutter on the exterior can drive positive energy flow away from your health. Use the following tips to help organize your fridge and establish healthier eating habits.


#1 Empty The Fridge

When you begin to reorganize your refrigerator, remove everything and throw away any expired food or any food filled with unhealthy preservatives, sugars, chemicals, or additives. Only keep nutritious food that will create positive energy in your life and family.


#2: Clean Up

Once you remove everything from the fridge, prepare to deep clean the shelves, doors, drawers, and every other part of the fridge. Containers leak and food particles get everywhere. The idea behind this is to not bring old habits into your newer, healthier diet.


#3: Organize By Food Groups

Make sure that the vegetables are in one drawer, the fruit in another drawer, and any nut milks or homemade dressings are on an easily accessible shelf. Don’t put the produce in the very bottom of the fridge. Statistics show that burying produce in the bottom drawers makes you less likely to grab and use them. The important thing is to keep everything visible and organized in its respective locations. If you meal prep or have leftovers, consider putting a note with the date on them to remind yourself that that food must be eaten.


#4: Never Have An Empty Fridge

An empty refrigerator symbolizes a bad economic situation, which does not invite abundance into the household. A fridge that is filled with healthy food symbolizes an abundant feast. This isn’t to say that your fridge should be cluttered; rather, the fridge should always be filled with healthy food. A grocery trip once a week should suffice.


#5: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Don’t revert to old habits once you have properly set up your fridge. The Feng Shui that you have established should not go to waste, or else your diet may start to fall by the wayside. Care for your fridge like you are caring for your body. Consistently clean the fridge and throw away expired food or old leftovers.


These simple changes can dramatically influence your eating habits. Changing the look of your fridge can change how you look at food. Stick to your program, take a multifaceted approach to healthy living, and the results will come.