Astrological Health

Astrological Health

Astrology is very important in the field of health as all of us incarnated under some Zodiac sign.

Every Zodiac or astrology sign corresponds to a part of the human body and therefore regulate and governs the energy at this particular body spot. The Law of Correspondence exists with astrology and the human body. You will always find correspondence in Nature and the Universe, and with numbers and numerology.

It was established centuries ago that seeds planted when the Moon is in signs and phases were called “Fruitful” (Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces) will produce more growth than seeds planted when the Moon is in a “Barren” sign (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius).


The first sign in Western astrology of the Zodiac is Aries (the Ram). Aries governs the head region, brain and nervous system. Therefore, Aries are prone to headaches and migraine headaches, neuralgia, mental disorders, and other diseases indicative of the brain region (i.e., Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, etc.). The cell-salt for Aries is Potassium Phosphate.

Aries’ statement is “I Am!” Arians can be very proud, pompous, and arrogant individuals. Things can really go to their “head,” the area that gives them most of their health problems in life. Arians are high energy and very enthusiastic people. They are also very “brainy” and intelligent.

Arians are strong and enthusiastic, inspirational; zealous, imaginative, inventive, and optimistic.

Because Aries is governed by Mars, they can be energetic, initiative, warring, anger-prone, adventurous, courageous, daring, and impulsive. It is not uncommon for Arians to have a quick temper and ready to explode within a few seconds of anger. They can be tactless, insensitive, and sharp-tongued.

Aries corresponds to the First House, which is the Personality House which deals with individuality, body appearance, and general outlook on life. Aries is a Fire sign that is masculine (active) and “cardinal,” which makes Aries a go-getter and very ambitious.

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The second sign of the Western Zodiac is Taurus (the Bull). Taurus governs the neck and throat area, which includes the thyroid gland, tonsils, throat, and vocal cords. Taureans are prone to neck injuries and diseases such as goiter, hypo/hyperthyroidism, strep throat, itchy/scratchy throat, tonsillitis, sore throats, and swollen lymph nodes under the face (chin area).

Taurus also governs the liver and so Taureans should watch for liver problems and diseases such as jaundice, hepatitis, and cirrhosis.

The cell salt of Taurus is Sulfate of Sodium.

Taurus’ statement is “I Have!” Taureans are collectors of things, invisible and visible, and unfortunately, even people. This sign can carry a grudge for many years. Patience and perseverance are chief qualities of Taurus.

The “I Have!” energy makes Taurus very materialistic and possessive, especially of their loved ones. This is the most possessive sign in the Zodiac. Because Taurus governs the throat and vocal cords, they make some of the best musicians and singers, like Janet Jackson, Cher, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Barbara Streisand, Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Liberace to name a few.

They are very disciplined, persevering, patient, loyal, faithful and trustful (especially in relationships); open and honest; forthright and direct; kind, considerate, and loving; trustworthy, dependable; very helpful to others, charming, charismatic, and magnetic; gentle, considerate, emotional, principled, and strong willed. They learn best by experience.

Taurus corresponds with the Second House, which is the Money House and deals with such things as finance, possessions, ethical principles, and gain or loss. Taureans are great with finances and make excellent economists, bankers, financial advisors; business managers; speakers; and religious/social/political leaders and activists.

Poverty thoughts or thoughts of lack or scarcity can trigger many health problems in the area Taurus governs; but also depression and melancholy (which affects the liver).

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, therefore Taureans are natural aesthetics (like its cousin Libra) and love food and good drink, beauty (including the human body), romance, intimacy and sex; harmony and balance; art, beautiful possessions, and Nature (outdoors).

However, Taurus can be very stubborn (bull-headed), rigid, vulgar (foul-mouthed), brazen, gluttonous, hot tempered, moody, and risque.

Taurus is an Earth sign (and thus very practical and grounded), feminine (receptive), and “fixed” which makes the Taurus very stubborn, especially to change. Fixed signs love routine and can become mechanical with it.

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Gemini rules or governs the nervous system, shoulders, arms, lungs, and the blood.

Geminis are prone to a host of diseases such as nervous disorders (listed above under Aries), shoulder and arm problems, blood disorders which also manifest as skin disorders, i.e., dry skin, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and acne; and lung problems (pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, etc.). Geminis are also prone to headaches too, just like Aries.

The cell-salt for Gemini is Potassium Chloride.

Gemini’s statement is “I Think!” Geminis are good thinkers! Very brainy and quick-witted individuals.

Gemini corresponds to the Third House, which is the Relatives House and deals with relatives, communication, short journeys, writing, and education.

Because Geminis are governed by the Planet Mercury, they are great communicators, intellectuals, and debaters. Because they are thinkers and love to do more than one thing at a time, it can be very difficult for them to concentrate on one thing for too long a time.

They can be sharp-tongued and very inconsiderate and selfish, thinking only of their own desires. They can also be very superficial with their knowledge, displaying it only for show.

Gemini is an Air sign, masculine (active), and “mutable,” which means the Gemini is very spontaneous and adaptable.

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Cancer (the crab) governs the digestive tract (stomach and esophagus), breasts, uterus, and liver. The Cancer is prone to such diseases as digestive problems (flatulence or gas, dyspepsia, ulcers, indigestion), chest problems (with the female Cancer prone to breast maladies such as breast cysts/tumors, sagging breasts, breast cancer, and fibrocystic breasts); uterine complaints (endometriosis, uterine fibroid tumors, uterine atrophy, uterine bleeding, spontaneous abortion); and liver problems like jaundice, hepatitis, and cirrhosis.

The cell-salt for Cancer is Fluoride of Lime.

Cancer makes the statement “I Feel!” and are emotional creatures, naturally sensitive, empathetic, and sympathetic. The Cancer is a loving and sympathetic person; very kind and tender. As emotional creatures, they dislike to see others suffering and are helpful and assisting of those in need. These individuals enjoy the home life as much as Earth sign people (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn). They are family oriented and faithful and loyal people, especially in relationships.

Cancer corresponds to the Fourth House which is the Home House, dealing with family and home, parental ties, land and property, and security.

Because Cancer is governed by the Moon, they are emotional, moody, intrigued by customs and habits; changeable, adaptive, and nurturing. They can also be very timid, have a down outlook on life, and be very demanding and needing of much reassurance in life.

Cancer is a Water sign, feminine (receptive), and “cardinal.”

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Leo (the lion) governs the heart, spine, eyes, blood, and upper back. Leos are prone to such diseases as heart congestion, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, high blood pressure, heart attacks; spinal cord injuries; eye problems (conjunctivitis, glaucoma, dark rings around the eyes, blindness); blood diseases and disorders (named above under Gemini); and upper back problems (like upper back pain).

The cell-salt for Leo is Phosphate of Magnesia.

Leo’s statement is “I Shine!” Leo’s love attention (spotlight) and must have it at all costs. They are materialistic, high maintenance, love to be the center of attention; make great leaders, are very popular; generous, hospitable, possess much energy and drive; very self-confidant; friendly, honest, and loyal.

Leo corresponds to the Fifth House which is the Pleasure House dealing with pleasure, children, creativity, entertainment, and risk. Leo’s love pleasure (especially in sex) and amusement and thus adventure. They are creative individuals. Leo’s are risk takers. They do well in the field of entertainment where they are able to shine like the Sun, which governs them.

Because Leo is governed by the Sun, they are full of life, energetic, temperamental, powerful, and full of potential.

However, the Leo can become very arrogant. They can also become down or somewhat depressed if they don’t get the attention they require. Leo’s are very loving and loyal, especially in relationships. Leo’s can be very self-centered (egocentric) and selfish.

Leo is a Fire sign, masculine (active), and “fixed” which makes the Leo stubborn like the Taurus.

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Virgo (the Virgin or Maiden) governs or rules the abdomen, intestines, belly and liver. Virgos are prone to digestive problems (named above under Cancer), intestinal problems (mainly constipation, and especially in females); duodenal ulcers, colitis, hemorrhoids; diverticulitis; stomachache and digestive pain; and liver problems (named above in Taurus).

The cell-salt for Virgo is Potassium Sulphate.

Virgos’ statement is “I Analyze!” Virgos are very analytical! They are very critical (of self and others); detail oriented; perfectionists; meticulous; observant, loves purity (cleanliness, organization, order); very frank and blunt; sharp-tongued; witty, practical and down to earth, and hard working (busy body). Virgos are best suited for service and therefore make good employees, nurses, teachers, and counselors.

Virgo corresponds to the Sixth House, which corresponds to the Health House that deals with health, harvest, hygiene, work and service, and employment. Virgos are health-conscious and hygienic individuals. They love to serve people, which make them excellent in the health and medical fields.

However, Virgos can be persnickety, captious, stern, cynical, dogmatic, opinionated, and frivolous. They are shy creatures and only open up to people they trust. They are also very sensual when they open up in love and romance.

Because Virgo is governed by Mercury (like Gemini), they are very communicative, intellectual, logical, and curious. They are attracted to intelligence…

Because Virgo mentally digests a lot (information, data, knowledge), they are prone to digestive disorders as well as nervous system disorders (i.e., headaches, depression); and because Virgo also governs the liver, they are also prone to melancholy.

Virgo is an Earth sign, feminine (receptive), and “mutable.”

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Libra (the Scales or Balance) governs the kidneys, bladder, and lower back. Libra’s are prone to diseases such as uterine tract infection, kidney and bladder stones; kidney failure, bladder infection; water retention (edema), incontinence, lower backaches and pain (and sprains) and lumbago.

The cell-salt for Libra is Carbonate of Sodium.

Libra’s statement is “I Balance” which makes Libra a great mediator or decision-maker.

Libra’s are people who love peace and harmony. They are kind and considerate people. Love, romance, and marriage are a must for Libra. Libra’s are conservative, dress well and refine. Libra’s are tactful, honest, open-minded; love justice, are very alert and intelligent; and have impeccable taste. They are perhaps the most well-liked of all signs in the Zodiac and make the best friends.

They are very loyal and faithful (especially in relationships). They possess many attributes of Taurus due to being astrological cousins both ruled by the same planet (Venus). Like Taurus, Libra loves possessions and luxuries.

However, Libra’s can be deceitful and lying, vain, frivolous, and superficial; vacillating; and can also be materialistic.

Libra corresponds to the Seventh House, which corresponds to the Marriage House that deals with marriage and divorce, the law, and partnerships and alliances. No sign in the Zodiac requires romance and marriage like the Libra. They make great judicial officers due to their excellent faculty of discernment.

Because Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Libra’s love romance, intimacy, and pleasure; harmony and balance; good food and drink; art, beautiful possessions. Like Taurus, they admire the human body, a work of art to them.

Libra is an Air sign, masculine, and “cardinal.”

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Scorpio (the Scorpion) governs the genitalia or sex glands and the eliminative channel organs.

Scorpios are prone to diseases of the reproductive/sexual system (mainly STD’s, sexually transmitted diseases; prostatitis; ovarian and uterine fibroids/cysts; infertility and impotence; sterility; vaginal discharges), urogenital system (urinary tract infection), and intestinal-rectal problems (hemorrhoids, ulcers).

The cell-salt for Scorpio is Sulphate of Lime.

Scorpio’s statement is “I Desire!” This is the most obsessive sign in the Zodiac, and thus the most vengeful. However, Scorpios are passionate, affectionate, tender and loving, sensitive (and thus easy to be hurt); very sincere, very determined, open, frank, and honest; courageous, strong-willed; persevering, constructive; perceptive, intuitive and spiritual; and very resourceful.

Scorpions love a good challenge. They thrive off of it! Obstacles don’t dissuade them. Scorpios are in it to win it, and thus they love winning!

Because they are very desirous, they can be materialistic, frivolous, overly ambitious, selfish, demanding and persistent. And like Pisces (especially the female), they can be very secretive. They are also very jealous (rivaling Taurus), possessive, and obsessive.

The Scorpion is known to kill itself in killing its prey and the same attribute is in the Scorpion female who will stop at nothing to get revenge for someone who has wronged her, especially her heart in matters of love.

Scorpio corresponds to the Eighth House, which corresponds to the Inheritance House that deals with inheritance, secret deals, sex, death, and regeneration.

Scorpio is ruled by dual planets, Mars and Pluto. Mars deals with energy, initiative, war, anger, adventure, courage, and impulse. Pluto deals with creation and destruction (life and death); total transformation, lust for power, and strong obsessions.

Scorpio is a Water sign, feminine (receptive), and “fixed.”

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Sagittarius (the Archer) governs the hips, thighs, and liver.

Sags are prone to having excess weight on the hips and thighs, suffer from hip problems; lumbago, and liver diseases (named above in Taurus).

The cell-salt for Sagittarius is Silica.

Sagittarius’ statement is “I See!” Sagittarius love fun and games, adventure and quest. They love to travel, to go places, to see things!

Sags are honest and forthright, open and earnest; very broad-minded, tolerant; generous, possess high standards, very trusting of others; friendly and outgoing, forgiving; good humored (loves jokes, and loves to laugh); athletic, animated, and imaginative yet practical. They love things that pique their interests. They love exchanging ideas and discussing various views and topics and thus make great talk show hosts, interviewers, researchers, and reporters.

However, Sags can be restless, take foolish or impractical risks, are outspoken and tactless at times; not good at managing money or finances, undisciplined, and waste a lot of energy.

Sagittarius corresponds to the Ninth House, which corresponds to the Travel House that deals with travel, sports, study, and philosophy. Because of their distinguished hips and thighs, they make exceptional athletes, especially runners. Like with all Fire signs (Aries, Leo), Sagittarius has a high sex drive. Sagittarius is governed by the planet Jupiter, which deals with luck, optimism, generosity, expansiveness, opportunity, and protection. Sagittarians love to gamble, are optimistic in life, and are very opportunistic which corresponds with the “I See!” statement and energy. Sagittarius is a Fire sign, masculine (active), and “mutable.”

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Capricorn (the Goat) governs and rules the skin, bones, knees, skeletal system, and teeth.

Capricorns are prone to such diseases as joint disorders (tendonitis, rheumatism, arthritis), knee problems and injuries; bone and skeletal problems (osteoporosis, TMJ), frail bones; teeth problems (tooth decay, cavities, stained teeth, periodontal disease); and skin diseases named above in Gemini under blood disorders (which manifest as skin disorders).

The cell-salt for Capricorn is Calcium Phosphate.

Capricorn’s statement is “I Use!” Capricorns are utilitarians and will use everything. Capricorns, like all Earth signs are very practical, grounded, and down-to-earth. They are very patient, stable, and reliable; ambitious, persistent and persevering; diligent, hard-working, possess great business skills, savvy, and acumen; are good with finances and very conservative with money; display great concentration; are very loyal and trustworthy, charitable, and self-reliant.

Capricorn corresponds to the Tenth House, which is the Business House that deals with business, career, social standing, success, and honor. Capricorns are great business people and have great business minds. They are very career-oriented. They are generally successful in life and are honorable people, mainly due to their philanthropy. They will pursue things that give them honor in life, i.e., positions, status, and college degrees.

Capricorn is governed by the planet Saturn which deals with pessimism, privation, obstacles, delay, hard work, research, and lasting reward after long struggle. Therefore, Capricorns can be highly pessimistic, negative and lugubrious especially if they perceive obstacles in their path.

Capricorn is an Earth sign, feminine (receptive), and “cardinal.”

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Aquarius (the Water Bearer) governs or rules the legs (lower legs), ankles, and circulatory system. Aquarians are prone to such diseases as leg problems (Charlie horse, stiffness, broken leg, torn ligaments, pulled hamstring), sprained ankle, edema, Achilles tendon injury, high blood pressure, and poor circulation.

The cell-salt for Aquarius is Sodium Chloride.

Aquarius’ statement is “I Know!” Aquarians are intrigued by knowledge including esoteric and metaphysical knowledge, which makes them seekers of the occult and New Age philosophy. Aquarians love to learn so as to know. This is one of their greatest attributes!

Aquarians are honest and forthright; has high self standards, very reliable; tolerant, kind and considerate; helpful and always willing to help another person; is individualistic, solitude-seeking and withdrawn; independent, recalcitrant (in a civil fashion); freedom-loving and seeking; community-minded, humanitarian; service-oriented, giving, impartial, and gets along great with other people.

Aquarius can be too much of a dreamer, unrealistic, impractical at times, very unconventional and eccentric; lose touch with reality, fanatical in their views, and can be very destructive and negative in their criticisms.

Aquarius corresponds to the Eleventh House, which corresponds with the Friends House that deals with friendship, social life, hopes and wishes. Aquarius has a lot of friends but also love to be by themselves much of the time. They become very active and involved in social change for the good of society.

Aquarius is governed by dual planets: Saturn and Uranus. Saturn deals with pessimism, privation, obstacles, delay, hard work, research, and lasting reward after hard work. Uranus deals with fashion, electricity, revolution, independence, freedom, sudden changes, and modern science. Therefore, Aquarians are society’s revolutionaries, iconoclasts, eccentrics, political agitators, and New Age guru seekers (students). The New Age (Millennium) of Aquarius is their age. The Saturn influence can also make Aquarius very pessimistic and also puts a lot of challenges in life before them.

Aquarius is an Air sign, masculine (active), and “fixed.”

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Pisces (the Fish) governs or rules the feet, toes, lymphatic system, liver, and tone of being (physique).

Pisceans are prone to such diseases as edema, gout, swollen feet (especially in pregnancy), feet injuries; toe snubs and injuries; lowered immunity conditions (so-called common colds, chronic fatigue syndrome; viral infections); eclampsia (toxemia during pregnancy); liver complaints (listed above under Taurus), and addictions (i.e., alcoholism, drugs, sex, and gambling).

The cell-salt for Pisces is Phosphate of Iron.

Pisces’ statement is “I Believe!” and thus Pisces are big believers and dreamers.

Pisceans are sympathetic, emotional, kind, loving and affectionate, considerate, imaginative, keenly intuitive, psychic, creative and artistic; talented, helping of others; broadminded, accepting of others; supportive, trustworthy, earnest, idealistic; loyal and faithful (especially in relationships), and good-natured.

However, Pisces can be very secretive, deceptive, calculating. They tend to give up easily in matters, can be easily discouraged, become very depressed due to a gloom outlook on life, easily persuaded; very impressionable; indolent, withdrawn; gives little or no resistance when they should; easily gives in to temptation; jealous, and lacks willpower.

Pisces are true romanticists. They are dreamy-eyed people who continually fantasize and daydream. They are very spaced-out and “in a different world or zone” people.

Pisces corresponds to the Twelfth House, which corresponds to the Trouble House that deals with troubles, illness, secret enemies, competition, and hidden agendas.

Pisces is ruled by dual planets: Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter deals with luck, optimism, generosity, expansiveness, opportunities, and protection. Neptune deals with sensationalism, theatrics, dreams, inspiration, illusion, and deception. Therefore, Pisces loves games of chance, can be very optimistic individuals which makes them excellent sales people; are very generous; opportunistic (rarely have difficulty finding a job); very creative and talented and do well on stage singing, dancing, and/or acting (theater is definitely for them); and are easy to be inspired, deceived, or sold on something.

Pisces is a Water sign, feminine (receptive), and “mutable.”

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Consider having your astrological Natal Chart performed as well as Numerology Chart performed as they will give you additional information specific to who you are as an individual.



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