Gynecomastia – Man Boobs

Gynecomastia – Man Boobs

Gynecomastia is the abnormal growth of large mammary glands in men. This abnormal growth results in enlarged breasts. The condition is primarily associated with disease or metabolic disorder.

Men of any age can be affected by this condition. Pubescent boys can develop this condition due to a fluctuation in hormones. The symptoms generally go away after puberty.


Gynecomastia has many possible causes. Hormones, genetics and diet all can come into play. Diet is the easiest change we can make to alleviate the symptoms associated with Gynecomastia.

An unhealthy diet may be to blame for this condition. Some foods and food groups that could contribute to Gynecomastia include:

Overeating foods high in saturated fats and refined sugars is the easiest way to gain weight. When our bodies gain weight, it can become distributed abnormally. One of the places the excess weight can be stored in men is in the chest area.

Soy is another food ingredient that can cause changes in the male body. Soy happens to contain high levels of estrogen, a female hormone. When excessive female hormones are found in the male body, female-like changes can occur. These hormones affect the mammary glands. In females, estrogen causes the mammary glands to develop. If males receive enough estrogen or estrogen precursors, their mammary glands will also start to develop.

High consumption of meat and dairy may lead to higher levels of fat in the male body. Both products are high in saturated fats and can lead to weight gain. Today’s meat and dairy producers tend to add synthetic hormones to their products. These hormones make their way into the body and can cause internal hormone fluctuations.

Breast Cancer in Males

Because males can develop breasts, they too can develop breast cancer. While the condition is rare, the disease still kills approximately 390 men per year. This is a small number compared to the occurrence and death rate in females, but male breast cancer is still a very serious disease.

High levels of estrogen found in the male body are one potential cause of male breast cancer. Men normally produce small levels of female hormones. When the body begins to produce higher levels of estrogen Gynecomastia can occur and become a precursor to male breast cancer. Obesity is closely associated with this condition and elevated estrogen levels in men.

Natural Solutions

Males dealing with Gynecomastia should start by changing their diet. Diet is the easiest change we can make and it greatly affects our health. By eliminating meat, dairy, refined sugars and processed foods from our diet, we can lower the exposure to high levels of unneeded female hormones.

Begin consuming a raw-based diet, rich in vegetables and fruits. Lower your intake of soy-based foods and switch to healthier vegetable-based protein sources.

Be aware of what you are putting in your body and where it is coming from. Avoid added chemicals, pesticides and hormones in the foods you eat. Stick to a clean, unprocessed diet.

Herbs can also be beneficial in dealing with Gynecomastia. Some natural herbs that help increase testosterone production include:

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Additional, Dherbs recommends adding several natural products to your everyday diet to help combat this condition and improve your overall health. Some great products to try are:

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