Mini Workouts: Great When You’re Pressed For Time

Mini Workouts: Great When You’re Pressed For Time

It’s time to look at working out through a different lens. Finding a 30-60 minute block of time for exercise can be a struggle. What about engaging in mini workouts? According to experts, accumulated exercise throughout the day is just as effective as one continuous workout session. All you have to do is trust the science!

How do mini workouts equate to one long session? Traditionally, long hours in the gym focusing on specific exercises was the only way to increase muscle strength and endurance. Nowadays, running long distances and lifting heavy are not the only options that increase muscle strength and cardiovascular strength. High intensity interval workouts (HIIT) in short bursts produce similar results without the need for a long period of exercise. 

How Much Exercise Is Enough Exercise?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that American adults should aim to get 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise weekly. If the exercise is more vigorous and intense, 75 minutes is completely sufficient. Meeting these guidelines can seem difficult if you try to workout for long periods at a time. However, breaking up exercise sessions into mini workouts can help you achieve the same number of minutes. You can continue reading to learn more about the benefits of mini workouts.

Easier To Fit Into The Day

Exercise physiologists agree that the number one reason people don’t exercise is because they lack the time. In reality, they do have the time, but the energy required to go to the gym, exercise, and go home is more of a commitment. Exercise, especially mini workouts, doesn’t require a huge portion of your day. You can exercise in a small space for 5-10 minutes. Resistance training is is a great way to build muscle strength without sweating too much. 

Boost Your Brain Health

Several studies indicate that shorter workouts help people take advantage of short-term neurological benefits. Fitting multiple mini workouts into your day, even if they are 3-5 minutes, can boost both your brain and mood. One study found that people who walked briskly for 10 minutes and followed it with meditation experienced better mood, compared to an inactive group. 

Reduce The Stress Of Working Out

The idea of working out is very stressful to a lot of people. It can be overwhelming to carve out a big chunk of time that you dedicate to your workout, especially if you have other obligations. Shorter, mini workouts are much more appealing to people who want to work out, but don’t want to do so for 45 minutes at a time. Additionally, mini workouts are much more sustainable for longer periods of time. 

Better Focus And More Confidence

If you sit at a computer all day, you can sometimes feel the energy leaving your body as the day goes by. Brief mini workouts throughout the day, however, may heighten your creativity and alertness, contributing to better productivity. As you incorporate more mini workouts into your day, you may feel stronger and experience weight loss. Both of these benefits can positively affect your self-confidence. Plus, the endorphins you produce may also contribute to feeling confident about yourself. 

Makes It Easier To Exercise At Higher Intensity

Shorter workouts are not easy by any means. They are shorter because they involve high intensity interval training. This is why mini workouts benefit people of all fitness levels. Decreasing your exercise time while increasing intensity can make you more accustomed to higher intensities. They aren’t easy, but you can sustain that intensity for a lot longer the more you work out. This is highly beneficial for your cardiovascular and aerobic strength. 

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, accumulating exercise in short bursts throughout the day can improve your overall health. A review of 19 studies found no differences between accumulated and continuous exercise. The authors of the review also noted that both accumulated and continuous exercise equally benefited blood glucose and insulin levels. 



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