Natural DIY Mattress Spray For A Cleaner Mattress

Natural DIY Mattress Spray For A Cleaner Mattress

People love their pillows and mattresses, but they are probably the least clean items in the home. Chances are that people don’t even think about washing pillows or cleaning mattresses. Considering that people spend an average of six to eight hours on their mattresses every night, they deserve regular cleaning, right? That’s the hope, but it’s unfortunately not a reality.

Sheets and mattress protectors can keep a mattress clean to a certain degree, but dead skin cells, hair, sweat, body oils, and dust eventually make their way onto it. All of that sounds gross, doesn’t it? Sorry, but we are not the perfect creatures we think we are, and we need to put in a little effort to keep the house, and the things in them, clean. One of the ways to prevent the mattress from becoming a bacterial haven, and to keep it clean and odor-free, is to use a mattress spray.

What Are Dust Mites?

These microscopic, insect-like pests love dust, in case the name didn’t give that away. They feed on pet dander, dead skin cells, and all of the other tiny particles that comprise dust. Dust mites can actually cause severe allergic reactions, and they can even worsen respiratory symptoms like asthma. They love fabrics or upholstered items, including carpets, curtains, furniture, bedding, stuffed animals, and mattresses. The scary thing is that roughly 10,000 dust mites can exist in one square meter in your average home. 

In order to prevent them from accumulating in your home, it’s wise to keep all of your fabric or upholstered items clean and fresh. Since most people neglect their mattresses, we’re putting a bigger emphasis on that for this article. 

How To Deter Dust Mites From Mattresses:

Before you even decide to clean your mattress, remove all of the bedding and throw it in the wash. When the weather permits, open the windows and allow fresh air into your home. Dust and dust mites easily accumulate in a house with stagnant air that doesn’t circulate. While the sheets are in the wash, it’s time to clean the mattress, which means you bust out the DIY mattress spray recipe below. Spray it onto the mattress and it will help absorb the odors, deter dust mites, and keep the mattress smelling fresh. Allow your mattress at least two hours to fully absorb the spray. After this time, vacuum the top of the mattress and then put your sheets back on. 

The Ingredients

Lavender Essential Oil

A calming essential oil that exhibits powerful antibacterial properties. You may also find that the scent helps promote relaxation, contributing to sounder, more peaceful slumber. 

Distilled White Vinegar

This mild disinfectant helps to deodorize fabrics and works to clean surfaces. 

Peppermint Essential Oil

The minty aroma is not only refreshing, but it also works to repel insects. This is excellent news if you have dust mites!

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This essential oil is beneficial for the respiratory system, working to improve airways for optimal breathing. It also has air-purifying properties, and it may help to cleanse surfaces. 

DIY Mattress Spray


  • 1 cup water (boiled and then cooled)
  • 1 cup distilled white vinegar
  • 8 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • 8 drops lavender essential oil
  • 8 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 500ml spray bottle


  • Pour the water and vinegar into the spray bottle and then add the essential oils.
  • Screw the top on the bottle and shake it vigorously to combine. 
  • Spray this mixture directly on the mattress and let it remain there for a couple hours. Remember to shake the bottle before each use. 



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