Once You Feel The Benefits, You Won’t Stop Freezing Lemons

Once You Feel The Benefits, You Won’t Stop Freezing Lemons

We at Dherbs are fans of the almighty lemon. In fact, we think everyone should be drinking lemon water all the time! Lemons are a natural detoxing fruit and help nourish cells in the body. Additionally, they contain antioxidants and compounds called lemonoids (yes, these are real), which can stop tumors from metastasizing, particularly those with breast cancer.


What most people don’t know is that the lemon peel actually contains double the vitamins of fresh lemon juice. It has incredible anti-carcinogenic properties and it can actually help detox worms & parasites, fungi, or bad bacteria in the body. So how do you get the lemon peel into your diet?


Most people don’t want to go through the effort of zesting a lemon every time they want to flavor something. Some people do enjoy being like the chefs on cooking shows, so go ahead and zest away. Others may want the quick and easy route, which is why we have a couple ways you can reap the benefits of the entire lemon.


Option 1 (The Easy Way):

Using however many lemons you want, rinse them thoroughly before cutting them into quarters. Place them in a freezer bag or Tupperware and put them in the freezer. Once the lemons are frozen, you can take them out at your convenience and grate them into sauces, water, or soups. Because the lemon is frozen, it is very easy to grate.


Option 2 (The Longer Way):

This way requires more prep time, but it is actually quick and easy to use the end product in the long run. After washing the lemons, cut them in half and juice them with a citrus juicer. Don’t discard the used halves because you are going to use them. Once you finish juicing the lemons, pour the juice into ice trays and freeze them. After the lemon cubes are frozen, pop them into a freezer bag and use them as you please. You can put them in water, sauces, or smoothies.


Remember those used lemon halves you saved? With a fine grater, zest the used lemons into a container. Place this in the freezer to preserve the grated peels. You can sprinkle these into sautéed veggies or salad dressings to add a lively citrus burst.


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