Female Hormonal Replacement Therapy?

The Earth has what you need natural, safe, and effective herbs that provide a balance of bio-hormonal precursors which get into the female body and stimulate the natural production of hormones by the body’s endocrine system.

CURE: The Verboten Word

CURE: The Verboten Word

I have helped hundreds upon hundreds of people to heal themselves from a plethora of diseases including so-called incurable diseases. Many have told me they were cured, and showed me medical printouts bearing witness.



Doctors cannot make things better when you are dealing with a degenerative disease. In fact, they will make things worse, creating additional business for themselves and their partners called pharmacists.


High Cholesterol

The first step in addressing high cholesterol in order to reverse it is to modify your diet and totally eradicate all animal and animal by-products.

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

Excess weight and toxic waste cause stretch marks. Sugar is the greatest culprit. Tight clothing hampers circulation. Synthetic hormones and steroids play a role in stretch marks. The greatest remedy is not about weight loss but waste release.