C-Sections Are Unnecessary!

C-Sections Are Unnecessary!

C-sections are illogical when you understand that God didn’t come up short when creating the female and her vagina. It can stretch to accommodate any size head and body of a baby.



Circumcision is not mandatory and is totally optional. You have options pertaining to your male baby’s penis.


The Fraud of Remission

Remission is not a cure. It is a legal and medical definition for the state in which a cancer is responding to treatment and appears to be under control. A partial remission means that the cancer has...

Understanding the Year 2012

Understanding the Year 2012

Because we live in a fear-driven society it is very common for people to link spiritual, celestial, cosmic, and astrological occurrences to something bad or evil. In the years leading up to 2000, the media presented New...


Holiday Dietary Madness

At, we sell more Full Body Cleanses during the first of the year than any other time of the year. Because people know they need to detoxify their bodies from all of that crap they unwisely ate between Halloween to Super Bowl Sunday.