Prep These Healthy Snacks To Succeed On The Cleanse

Prep These Healthy Snacks To Succeed On The Cleanse

Having a variety of healthy snacks at the ready can truly help you succeed while you are cleansing. A lot of people are used to snacking on unhealthy things, so it is wise to figure out interesting raw snacks that keep the taste buds interested. It is also important to make it easy on yourself. Having simple, grab and go snacks on hand are exactly what you need.

Prepping snacks is just as important as prepping meals. This is because you are going to want to eat more than the standard three meals a day while cleansing. Sometimes snacks get a bad rap because they are sugary, salty, or fattening, but those aren’t the snacks we are giving you in this article. The greatest gift you can give yourself when it comes to prepping snacks is to make each day different. We have a lot of examples below and we encourage you to make them while you are cleansing.

Frozen Grapes

These can be a great snack or healthy dessert. Yes, this is allowed while you are cleansing. Buy red or green grapes in the grocery store, de-stem them when you get home, and freeze them in separate sandwich bags. Try not to eat more than 2 cups of grapes in one sitting, and only eat 1 cup for dessert.

Celery Sticks & Raw Almond Butter

You can actually prep this in a mason jar so that it is ready to go. This snack helps you stay full! Cut celery sticks into two-inch pieces and stand them upright in the mason jar. Get a little round container and spoon in the raw almond butter. Place this on top of the celery and then screw the lid on the mason jar. Note: this is best done with a wide mouth mason jar.

Energy Bites

These are essentially energy pods. They are filled with minerals and tons of plant-based protein, meaning they are great to eat before or after a workout. You can also eat them as an afternoon snack to help you keep pushing through the rest of the day. We have a great recipe you can make by clicking here.

Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is a great snack that you can prep the night before. The ratio is simple: 3 tablespoons of chia seeds to 1 cup of liquid. You can use filtered water or homemade almond milk, for example. Combine them in a mason jar and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, you can add some sliced bananas or strawberries, blueberries, raw almonds, or other raw items of your choice.

Mandarins & Raw Pistachios

The preparation is going to be the same as the Celery Sticks & Raw Almond Butter prep. Mandarins are in season and they are so easy to peel, but make it easy on yourself and peel them ahead of time. Place the mandarin orange slices in the bottom of the mason jar and add the raw pistachios to a little cup before screwing on the top of the jar.

Bananas & Raw Almond Butter Sandwiches

We aren’t telling you to put bananas and raw almond butter between two slices of bread. Think of these as mini sandwiches, which use banana slices in place of bread. Slice your bananas about a half-inch thick. Spread a little raw almond butter on one side of the slice and sandwich it with another banana slice. Use one or two bananas to do this. Store in a container and refrigerate until you want to eat them.