Quick And Easy Meals For National Fast Food Day

Quick And Easy Meals For National Fast Food Day

America is a fast food nation. All of the different fast food chains exist around the country and people are definitely not boycotting them. You saw those crazy lines at Popeye’s for the chicken sandwich, didn’t you? People continue to supersize meals and make combos, all the while raising cholesterol levels and impairing digestion. Fast food continues to be eaten because it is affordable, quick, and easy. Well, we have news for you. There are lots of healthy meals that are quick and easy to make.

We are changing the game on National Fast Food Day by avoiding fast food restaurants to make quick and easy meals that are delicious. These won’t be wrapped in paper or fried in grease; rather, they will be healthy, tasty, affordable, and easy to make! Most people don’t like to cook because it is time consuming. The prep work can take time if you aren’t used to cooking, which is why it may be beneficial to meal prep for the week. This isn’t necessary, but it can save you time when it comes to making food.

Another misconception about making your own meals is that it costs more. Cooking healthy food does not cost more. In fact, vegetarians can save more money than non-vegetarians! Here are several meals that take under ten minutes to make! And they are Full Body Cleanse approved!

Fall Into Flavor With This Arugula Persimmon Salad


Inspired by some of our favorite fall ingredients, this salad is vibrantly colored, full of flavor, easy to make, and truly one of a kind.

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Peach Persimmon Smoothie


This is probably one of the best entry points into the world of persimmons. Experience the unique flavor and then make more recipes!

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Zucchini Noodles With An Arugula Lime Pesto


Whip up this raw vegan entree in a matter of minutes. It is peppery, citrusy, and is pretty much the ideal dinner for cleansers.

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Thai Romaine Wraps For An Easy Entree


Fun, filling, and easy to make, these Thai romaine wraps are your next favorite entree to enjoy while cleansing. It’s love at first bite.

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2 Ingredient Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

This is the perfect guilt-free treat for warm summer days. No ice cream machine needed and it’s ready in under 5 minutes!

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Don’t go through the drive-thru today. Actually, try to avoid the drive-thru all the time. Your body will thank you when you feed it healthy foods. If you make any of these recipes, let us know how they turned out in the comments below.