Remind People You Love Them In 6 Simple Ways

Remind People You Love Them In 6 Simple Ways

What do you do for Valentine’s Day? Do you go out to eat, plan a romantic evening at home, or attend a concert? Whichever way you spend the day with your significant other is the right way, but you don’t have to limit your love to just one person. Whether you are single or taken, you can show friends or family that you love them with simple actions or gestures. 

Just like relationships, friendships demand nurturing via hard work and dedication. A friendship or platonic relationship needs love too. So how do you remind the people in your life that you love them? When you show that you appreciate the people you love, you strengthen the connections you have. People go through hardships and triumphs with each other, so whether you go out on a date, grab coffee, or simply give a much needed hug, offering love can let people know you’re there for them. 

You don’t need big gestures and you don’t have to empty your bank account on a gift to remind someone you love them. There are much simpler ways that are often times more meaningful. We’ve highlighted simple ways to show your love, but let us know how you do it in the comments below. 

Send A Card

The written word can be very powerful, and it’s an underutilized (some might say forgotten) way of expressing love. You don’t need an elaborate essay that explains your history and shared love; rather, a simple reminder is all that’s necessary. Sending a card in the mail, or delivery a card in-person, is an easy way to make someone feel special. 

Make The Call

In keeping with the outdated or forgotten ways of communication, give the person you love a phone call. You don’t need a reason to call other than to hear the sound of their voice and ask how they are doing. Listening to someone, finding out about their day, or learning about the new goings-on in their life can mean the world. Pick up the phone and dial that number! If you haven’t seen them because of the pandemic, consider using FaceTime so you can see each other. 

Turn On Your Listening Ears

People know when you aren’t fully listening. If you’re talking on with someone and scrolling through Instagram, you may only retain bits and pieces of what they say. Leave the phones out of it and invest yourself in the conversation. Ask questions, be they silly, deep, fun, or hypothetical. Get to know your significant other or friend on a deeper level. They may divulge information about a father who is struggling with addiction, or even a sibling that is thriving at a new job. Listen closely and they’ll appreciate you for being there. That’s love, people. 

Speak Their Love Language

What does it mean to speak someone’s love language? For one person, that could mean cuddling on the couch and talking in quiet voices. Another person’s love language may be a Sunday brunch date. You have several ways to experience, give, and receive love through quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, gifts, and acts of service. Establish what your love languages are and engage in them together. You may just need to listen to an audiobook while completing a puzzle!

Send An “I Love You” Text

“I love you” is universal and you can share those words with anyone you love. You don’t just have to send these three words to significant others because friends deserve them too. A random “I love you” text shows affection and can make your friends feel warm and fuzzy. They may need to hear those words and all you have to do is send them out of the blue. It shows that you are thinking about them and will probably put a smile on their face.

Treat Them To A Meal

Sharing food is a beautiful way to spend time together, especially if it’s a memorable meal. Volunteer to take your partner or friend out for dinner and watch them light up. It may not seem like a big gesture, but it can mean the world to someone. If you can’t make the plan to go out for a meal, consider dropping lunch by your friend’s/partner’s office. The possibilities are endless!



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