Rub Your Index Finger To Help Remedy Stomach Pain

Rub Your Index Finger To Help Remedy Stomach Pain

If you have a stomachache or digestive discomfort, there is one trick that can help provide relief. Think of your hands and feet as maps to the inner workings of your body. Reflexology details that points on the hands and feet are directly connected to our organs, muscles, or our major systems. When pressure is applied to these points, you can experience relief.


When talking about the hands, there are many points that can be extremely helpful in relieving pain. Your heart and lungs are connected to the thumb, while your middle finger can influence your thin intestines, your blood, and respiratory system. This is why stretching your middle finger can be beneficial for those with insomnia or nausea.


Rubbing your ring finger can actually improve your mood. If you are feeling down or depressed, massage your ring finger to lift your spirits. Your pinky finger is connected to your kidneys, as well as your neck and shoulders. Massaging your little finger can help relieve headache pain too!


Now, we left the index finger for last. Why did we do this? The index finger connected to your stomach and colon. Given that a high amount of diseases can originate in the colon, it is important to keep it healthy. Massaging your index finger can motivate bowel movements, help get rid of constipation, and relieve abdominal pain. Hold pressure on your index finger for one minute and you should feel relief not too long after.