Say Goodbye To Anxiety With These 7 Natural Remedies

Say Goodbye To Anxiety With These 7 Natural Remedies

Anxiety is an emotion that almost everyone experiences at one point in time. It’s an emotion of distress or uneasiness that is stimulated by uncertainty, fear or eagerness. The emotion of anxiety can physically affect your over all wellbeing. Anxiety can progress over time or from certain events in life. Disorders that are associated with anxiety include phobias, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or selective mutism. When anxiety is at its highest peak and most intense, some people experience panic attacks, heart attacks or nervous breakdowns.

The most common causes of anxiety are traumatic experiences or stress. Our ability to store memories helps us distinguish how to react to certain events that may occur in life. When your body cannot undergo the process of cognitive thinking, it can cause the emotion of anxiety. Anxiety, as we know it, can occur temporarily or progress into a traumatic experience.

Exercise It Out

Exercising can help relieve the body of stress and anxiety because physical activity releases dopamine, a chemical in the body that is a neurotransmitter, which helps the brain distinguish between happy and sad feelings. When you’re exercising, your focus is not on the stressful things in life; rather, it is directed at the task at hand and how you feel in the present. Tai Chi and yoga are great examples of exercises that help reduce the constant feeling of anxiety.

Schedule Relaxation Time

Most people are so busy with their everyday activities that they forget to schedule time to just unwind. Setting aside a block of time to do nothing, really nothing, is a great way to rejuvenate the body. Relaxation time can consist of anything from vacationing, looking at calming visuals, listening to tranquil sounds, alone time, or even taking a walk. All of these techniques can help you relax and take a break from feelings of anxiousness.

Breathing Exercises

Performing breathing exercises can help you deal with anxiety and the situation at hand. Following your breath helps to calm your nerves, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. It also helps balance the mind and body. A great way to calm the mind is to count down from 100 with each breath. If you lose count, restart the process.

Calm Down With Scents

Aromatherapy can be an excellent approach for calming anxiety because powerful scents can aid with relaxation. Calming scents like lavender and valerian, or the use of energized crystals and sea salt can help bring your level of anxiousness down. For the best essential oils to relieve anxiety, click here.

Seek Therapy

Therapy is an ideal treatment option to help address the root cause of your anxiety. It can help people find the stimulant of their anxiety, helping them to better understand how they developed anxiety and why it’s recurring. Talking about issues and concerns always helps free yourself of the things you’re constantly thinking about. Don’t let your mental health decline because of embarrassment. Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed about, and discussing it can only help you cope with it that much better.

Make Sleep A Priority

When you don’t get enough sleep the body can revert to a panicked mode, triggering negative brain activity. A healthy sleeping pattern can help alleviate anxiety, providing you with the energy you need for everyday life encounters. Try to go to sleep at a specific time every night with the goal of getting seven to eight hours of sleep. You should also aim to eliminate screen time from your nightly routine, especially one to two hours before bed.

Try To Meditate

Meditation is a useful approach to help calm a restless soul or feelings of anxiety. Sitting in silence in a certain position, eliminating negative thoughts and incorporating breathing exercises, helps to bring about tranquility and relaxation. Meditation may work to reduce your stress levels and give your brain the rest it needs. Don’t be afraid of your thoughts. Let them come in like the tide, and let them wash away, as if you are standing on the beach allowing the ocean to hit your feet before retreating.