Simple DIY Facial Toner

Simple DIY Facial Toner

You’ve definitely seen facial toners in the skin care aisle at your local drugstore. They tend to be slim bottles filled with a clear or lightly tint liquid. Some people use them, but they don’t know why; rather, toner use is simply habitual or based on a recommendation. Face toner may actually be your new secret weapon that helps to clear up your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. 

What Does Face Toner Do?

The reality is that your pores don’t magically remain clean throughout your life. Sweat, environmental pollution, and other impurities easily get lodged in your pores, which is why you have to wash your face. Toner helps to remove traces of dirt or impurities and can have a positive impact on the appearance and tightness of your pores. Toner also works to restore your skin’s pH level, smoothing it out by refining rough patches.

When it comes to applying face toner, it’s best to soak a cotton ball with it and gently wipe it across your skin post cleansing. Beauty experts suggest that you use it in the morning and before bed at night. It should be the second step in your skin care routine, as it prepares your skin to absorb moisturizer (the third step) and skin treatments (the fourth step). 

Witch Hazel

According to clinical data, an estimated 45% of Americans have sensitive skin, defined by abnormal sensory symptoms. Some research shows that applying witch hazel to sensitive skin may be beneficial for treating inflamed, red, broken, or irritated skin. In fact, one study found that witch hazel suppressed erythema, reddening of the skin caused by injury or irritation, by up to 27%. Another small study found that topical application of witch hazel was able to provide relief for sensitive or irritated facial skin. Additionally, witch hazel offers anti-inflammatory properties that may prevent acne-causing bacteria from infecting the skin. It acts as an astringent, causing tissues to contract and shrink pores, while soothing the skin in the process. 

Vitamin E Oil

The body requires vitamin E for optimal immune function and cell regeneration. It exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may help improve the appearance of your skin. For that reason, vitamin E oil is a common ingredient in skin care products, especially anti-aging products. Applying vitamin E oil to the skin can help reduce early signs of aging and the appearance of acne. It’s a great skin-conditioning agent that works best if you apply it before bed and let the skin absorb it overnight. 

Simple DIY Facial Toner


  • 3 ounces witch hazel
  • 1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil
  • 3 drops each: geranium, cypress, and lavender essential oils
  • 4-ounce bottle


  • Pour the witch hazel into the bottle, followed by the vitamin E oil. 
  • Add three drops of each of the essential oils, screw on the top, and shake well to combine. 
  • Use after you wash your face with a gentle face wash or cleanser. Shake before you apply some to a cotton ball and wipe it across your skin gently. 
  • Finish by moisturizing your skin with a face serum, moisturizer, or skin treatment.

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