Simple Ways To Detox Your Home For A Fresh Start

Simple Ways To Detox Your Home For A Fresh Start

The New Year is synonymous with weight loss, dieting, and new career goals. People often put so much emphasis on themselves that they don’t pay attention to their homes. Unlike the human body, the home is not something that can clean itself. You are responsible for limiting the build-up of grime and keeping it a space for wellness by maintaining awareness. 

There are many ways to establish a healthy home, but with the New Year approaching, one of the best ways to clean the slate is through a home detox. Over time, the home can easily accumulate dust, allergen, mold, and germs. Not only can these things cause allergic reactions, but they can also weigh down the energy in your home. If you are into the concept of Feng Shui, then you understand how simple detox tips can spruce up your indoor space. Below, we detail simple ways that you can detox your home for a fresh start in the New Year. 

Shoes Stay At The Door

When you walk in the front door of your home, remove your shoes, plain and simple. When you wear your shoes inside the house, you track pesticides, bacteria, and more via the soles of your shoes. Removing your shoes prior to entering your home also supports the idea that your home is a sacred space, separate from the outside world. Wear socks, go barefoot, or have slippers for chilly days. 

Use Green Plants As Natural Detox Agents

Certain houseplants have the ability to remove pollutants from the air, ultimately improving indoor air quality. Some studies found that houseplants can remove substances like benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from the air. Breathing easier is much easier when the air in your home is cleaner. Click here for the best houseplants to clean your air. 

Open Your Windows When You Cook

Cooking over a gas flame can generate large amounts of nitrogen dioxide and other tiny particles that can irritate the nose and lungs. In addition to using the exhaust hood or range, open your windows to ventilate your space. This process helps remove particular gasses from your home, reducing the risk of future headaches or fatigue from inhaling those pollutants. 

Bye Bye Dryer Sheets

Not all dryer sheets are bad, but they aren’t necessarily eco-friendly. Instead of contributing to more waste, do your part to help the environment and opt for wool dryer balls. These dryer balls are chemical-free and help soften your laundry during the drying process. Wool dryer balls tend to last up to 1,000 loads, which is 1,000 less dryer sheets in landfills. They also reduce drying time, which can lower your energy usage. 

Use Simple DIY Cleaning Products

There are many non-toxic cleaning products that you can purchase in store, but a lot of them still contain synthetic fragrances, colors, and other preservatives. If you are trying to detox your home, you don’t want to continue polluting it. You can easily make your own cleaning products that are 100% non-toxic. We have a large catalog of these recipes on our website, but you can click here to view some great ones to have on hand. 

From Floor To Ceilings

When you vacuum, it’s best to use one that has a HEPA filter, as that not only helps decrease allergens in the home, but also creates a healthier, more breathable space. The HEPA filter in your vacuum traps bacteria, dust, pathogens, and particles. Additionally, it also reduces the levels of many chemicals in your home. Don’t just vacuum your carpets or rugs, though. Vacuum under your furniture, behind bookshelves, on the side of your washer, and the corners of your house. 

Ditch Synthetic Air Fresheners

We cannot stress the importance of this point! A lot of people love the scents of synthetic air freshener sprays or plug-ins, but these products are filled with irritants and chemicals. You can still create a pleasant smelling home without these chemicals. There are essential oil diffusers, bouquets of fresh flowers, potpourri, and more. You can also make all-natural air freshener sprays by clicking here

Even the simplest of home detox efforts can improve the entire energy of your home. Do whatever you feel is best and simplest on this list to begin your home detox. Relish in the results you feel when the new year arrives!



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