Simplify Your Life With These 5 Easy Tips

Simplify Your Life With These 5 Easy Tips

In these strange times of uncertainty, it’s difficult to find balance and calm. COVID-19 cases are on the rise, a new president is about to take office, and the holidays are on the horizon. Talk about things that can cause stress, are we right? There’s nothing wrong with facing these challenging times and stressful events, but you have to simplify in order to maintain balance in life. 

How Do You Live Simply?

The concept of “living simply” does not mean that you have to harvest the bugs and worms out of the ground and grow your own food. There isn’t a concrete definition that details how every person can simplify because every person is different. Some people find it beneficial to get rid of material goods, while others enjoy carving out time to paint or play music. The main goal is to carve out time in your complicated life and dedicate that time to something that fulfills you. In doing so, you’ll find that you free up mental space, relax, and live a freer, simpler life. 

Saying “No” Is Okay

A young child’s favorite word is often “no,” but some people find it tough to say that word in adulthood. Some people have the fear of missing out if they say “no,” while others feel that they’ll lose status if they decline things. Ultimately, it’s possible to avoid uncomfortable situations or obligations that drain you of energy and happiness. Learn how to say “no” and you’ll find that you have more time for yourself. 

Organize Your House Or Room

Some people thrive in the chaos of a mess, but a messy life is not meant for everyone. An unorganized room or closet can actually cause you to waste more time and stress out, attempting to find bills, shoes, shirts, hats, etc. The only way out of the stressful mess is to organize. Create binders, bins, and use shoe racks or closet organizers for clothes. Put something back exactly where it goes after you finish using it. You’ll find that your life is a lot simpler when you tame the madness. 

Take A Break From Social Media

Taking a break from social media is a form of detoxification. There is so much toxic information present in social media, and it can lead to feelings of self-doubt, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence. People compare themselves to people on social media, which can consume their lives. Let it go for a month and you’ll find that you have more time to focus on things that bring you joy. Even though people want to be connected, they often find that disconnecting reduces stress

Carve Out Time For Hobbies

Everyone needs a creative outlet. Hobbies are therapeutic and anyone who has a hobby is lucky. Adults often lose sight of the hobbies that brought them joy as children or young adults. If painting brought you joy, buy some paint brushes and a canvas and paint your heart out. Dust off the guitar in the attic and strum away. You don’t have to be amazing at your hobby either. The important thing is that engaging in a hobby means that you are focused on that singular thing, enjoying life in the moment. That’s what simplicity is all about. 

Create A Morning Ritual

How many of you set five alarms or hit the snooze button several times before peeling yourself out of bed? The longer you spend in bed, the more frantic your mornings on. Before you know it, you’re pouring granola over yogurt while jumping to put on a shoe so you are ready to leave the house in five minutes. Avoid this by creating a morning ritual. A few simple ways to start include picking out your clothes the night before, meal prepping so your lunch is ready to go, or waking up earlier to do yoga. You can even take a walk around the block with your hot tea, sipping that comforting beverage and enjoying the fresh air of the day you’re about to face.