Small Victories To Celebrate During Your Weight Loss Journey

Small Victories To Celebrate During Your Weight Loss Journey

A weight loss journey is like a rollercoaster: there are many ups and downs and turn-em-arounds. It’s possible for the number on the scale to increase just as you saw it decline for weeks at a time. This is called hitting a weight loss plateau, and it can seem like all the effort in the world won’t get rid of more pounds. 

Many factors influence how you lose weight. There isn’t an excuse to stop what you’re doing just because your weight stops going down. Sometimes, you just need to evaluate your weight loss strategies and see what else your body needs to continue your weight loss. Oftentimes, a weight loss plateau means that the body is in a phase where it needs to maintain that weight for a bit. When that isn’t the case, hormones, diet, or other factors may be at play. The numbers that don’t budge should not discourage you from staying on the healthy path, though. 

The scale is merely one instrument that indicates progress. There are many other signs that are worthy of celebration. Keep an eye out for the following weight loss indicators and celebrate them when you notice. Celebrating small victories can boost your morale and may even encourage you to work harder and push forward. 

You Feel Stronger

Are you lifting heavier at the gym? Do you pick up items that used to seem heavy with ease? Increased strength is an indicator that you are on the right track toward your weight loss goals. A stronger body can mean that you have more muscle mass than before, which means the number on the scale may stop going down. Eventually, as you adapt your routine, you will build muscle mass and lose more fat to continue your weight loss journey. Trust in the process and be proud of your stronger body.

Your Heart Is Healthier 

Improving your metabolic markers (blood pressure or cholesterol levels) can play a big role in the health of your heart. A healthier heart is always worth celebrating, especially on your weight loss journey. You don’t have to see a gigantic jump on the scale to improve metabolic markers either. A small change in body weight can do more for your heart than you realize. 

Your Clothes Fit Better

Sometimes, you may lose inches quicker than you lose weight. This is why you shouldn’t always base your progress off the number on the scale. It’s very uncommon for people to measure their thighs, arms, waist, etc., all of which indicate weight loss. Keep an eye on how things fit during your journey and give yourself a pat on the back if a pair of pants or a jacket goes on more easily after working hard. 

You Manage Blood Sugar Better

Feeling discouraged about your weight loss journey because the scale isn’t reflecting your hard work? Check your blood glucose levels because stable levels can indicate immense progress. Fat is hormonally active, so your blood sugar can be hard to regulate when you have excess body fat. This is why blood sugar regulation can be difficult for people with insulin resistance, or those who are overweight or obese. When you make positive changes in your diet and lifestyle regimen, you should have an easier time balancing blood sugar. Check the numbers and be proud of the control!

You Have More Energy

Do you have a little more pep in your step than you did before you began your health journey? More energy is a big indicator of progress, even if the pounds are not coming off as quickly as you’d like. When you have extra weight on the body, you can become physically, emotionally, and spiritually tired very quickly. To no surprise at all, weight weighs you down, but prioritizing your wellness and doing the work can help you feel more energetic. The same movements that used to tire you out may no longer have that effect. Celebrate that progress because you deserve it.

You Like The Way You Look

Praising your body can be a difficult hurdle to jump over, especially if you have a history of body image struggles. When you start admiring what you see in the mirror, you need to celebrate the progress that got you there. You did the work, boosted your confidence, and changed your health! Just remember that self-confidence isn’t a number on the scale, and that embracing your body can be a game-changer to your weight loss journey. Write down compliments about yourself every day as a way to affirm your progress.



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