Spice Things Up With These Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Spice Things Up With These Quarantine Date Night Ideas

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of strain on relationships, but many couples reignited that flame of love. All that time in the house nurtured that initial connection that sparked the initial attraction. Some couples have not been so lucky, and other couples require inspiration to keep the romance alive.

You may think that date night is impossible when you can’t leave the house to do anything. Since movie theaters, museums, bars, concert venues, comedy clubs, and more remain closed, couples have to get creative with date nights. You aren’t just spending time with each other because you can’t go anywhere; rather, date night is about intentional time with each other.

Dedicating a couple nights per week to engage with each other is crucial to maintain a healthy relationship. You don’t need to build an extravagant miniature golf course; rather, date night can be as simple as sitting down with your significant other and being available for them. Be present with each other to build a healthier relationship. For the nights when you want to do something more, try the following ideas.

For The Creative Types

Movie nights are not for every couple. There are those who need to put their creativity and hands to work, letting their artistic inspiration take over. If this sounds like you, try painting, tie-dying, scrapbooking, completing puzzles, or building a raised garden bed for new plants. Paint and power tools inspire love!

For The Music Lovers

Unfortunately, concerts are off the table for a while. Concerts were go-to date nights for many couples, but the music doesn’t have to stop just because of COVID-19. Many artists live-stream at-home shows every day, and other bands release high-quality footage of past concerts weekly. Celebrate your favorite bands, your favorite tunes, and good vibes when you watch these shows. Some bands even started drive-in concert tours, so check your city’s events for possible drive-in shows.

For The Self-Care Couples

There’s no shame in appreciating a manicure, pedicure, hydrating face mask, or a soak in a soothing bath with essential oils. Pamper yourselves with exfoliating scrubs, masks, or detoxifying foot soaks. Invite some romance into the evening by giving your partner a foot rub or a back massage. Light some candles for that spa ambiance.

For The Children At Heart

There is something to be said about a classic game night. From Jenga to Twister and Chess to Mario Kart, game night has a way of bringing joy into your life. There is one rule for game night: DO NOT GET UPSET IF YOU LOSE! This makes the romantic and fun evening take a dark turn and sucks all the beautiful energy out of the room. This is why you should not play Monopoly; it ruins relationships.

For The Active Couples

Switch that date night to a day date and head out to explore a new hike or mountain biking trail with your partner. If it is too hot to exercise outdoors, consider following a workout video at home. This challenges you and your partner to get after it! You don’t even have to make your date night intensely active. Take a simple stroll to a restaurant, from which you order takeout, and walk back to eat at home.

For The Food Lovers

The kitchen is a romantic place. There’s just something about food that makes it sexy, or the act of cooking is attractive. A lot of restaurants sell cooking kits for date nights, or they sell wine, charcuterie, and cheese plates for the perfect backyard picnic. We encourage you to find a recipe that you both love and make it from scratch!

For The Drivers

A car date is the perfect chance for you to get away from home while staying safe. Drive up into the hills and find a perfect lookout spot to take a breath of fresh air. Alternatively, head out to the desert, or the middle of nowhere, and do some stargazing. You may just drive around and talk to each other. Kiss at red lights, play a romantic game of would you rather, or have a makeout session in an empty parking lot. Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring snacks!

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